The Gay Mafia do it again: Monty Wood aka Spencer Fox is the new Ty Roderick aka Antonio Giovanni

The Agency ATMLA tries to present Pansexual Crossover Faggot Spencer Fox as a new Actor under the name Monty Wood. The Faggot performs in Straight Porn only under the Alias Monty Wood and has now Tattoos and works under the Aliases Spencer Fox and Trent Dys as an Actor in Gay, Bisexual and Tranny Porn Movies but its obviously that Monty Wood and Spencer Fox are the same person.

The Gay Mafia has done the same with another Pansexual Crossover Faggot and that was Ty Roderick/Antonio Giovanni in the past and now they do it again.

Convince yourself and just compare these pictures:

Monty Wood
Spencer Fox
Spencer Fox in a Gay Porn
Monty Wood in a Straight Porn

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