The gay mafia to pay to have Donny Long attacked?

Well there is word going around that Fagkins and Speigler and there gay mafia crew are rounding up money to have someone visit Donny Long. Mostly Spiegler and his crew as we all know Sean Tompkins has no money. Could this be the nail in the coffin for the gay mafia? Will the feds act if something happens to Donny? You bet ya! The feds have just been warned!

I think it will be even worse when whoever they pay ends up the one to be hurt lol. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to fuck with big crazy ass Donny Long but hey gays are not known to be very smart people.

I was told the feds might even be going after them for terrorist threats which can be a serious fucking charge. I can hear the doors being kicked in now.

Have fun guys!



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