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The Grand Vizier on The NinnWorx Contract Girl Controversy

From : Apparently porn stars are a dime a dozen these days … or so says Ninn Worx_SR CEO John Gray, as he recently told AVN in a chat about Cassidey’s [pictured] recent and unexpected departure.

As we reported easlier Cassidey left NinnWorx_SR just months after signing with them and is the third Ninn Worx_SR contract girl to part ways with the company. Jana Jordan and Nikki Kane announced their departures just a few weeks ago.

From the AVN story: -Ninn Worx_SR CEO John Gray told AVN that the changes in the studio lineup represent a shift away from the contract girl as an economically sound convention in adult-

Luke Ford: “What the fuck is he smoking? I found the article quite interesting … how on one hand he said Cassidey’s departure was amicable, but then in another breath goes on about how he never liked the idea of paying girls more than they were worth … (or that HE felt they were worth) that they weren’t Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick.

I don’t know. I just think it’s funny how such a well respected company can be so pissy about the stars sell their movies. Fans who buy these movies don’t give as much a fuck about lighting or the shit music in these things but they damn sure care about the girls who are sucking cock or taking it in the ass. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Show your bitches some damn respect and remember that without a big fat cock in their mouth nobody gives a fuck about the movies you want to make or about the music you think is important. A porno is about the women and anything else is trivial. The more famous a woman is, the more money the bitch is worth. That’s just common sense. That’s why Vivid girls make more money on the dance circuit than some bitch that just came off the street. Cause she’s more famous dumb ass!

And to say that a name doesn’t sell a movie, is really confusing considering this is the CEO of a movie studio. Have nobody ever shown him sales figures of movies of famous girls versus say a movie starring some whore nobody has ever really heard of? What the fuck is this man smoking? Seriously, I’m not even going to finish this rant. Clearly he has no clue what the fuck he’s talking about. He’s just pissed because his bitches are leaving their contracts with his company for lack of respect and he’s trying to save face by calling them dime a dozen whores who can be easily replaced but in the end he’s only making himself look more like an ass.”

Gene sez during my most recent chat
with The Grand Vizier we had talked about this post and the underlying suspicion that the NinnWorx/Speartmint Rhino alliance was possibly falling apart.

“Is it?” I ask The Vizier.

“Depends who you talk to,” chuckles The Vizier. “This contract girl exodus certainly isn’t supporting the notion that everything’s fine in Ninnsville, that’s for sure…

“But from what I hear they’re not going under,” says The Vizier. “The merger has produced hiccups and Spearmint Rhino didn’t understand adult production and questioned the budgets at every turn. Consequently Ninn didn’t shoot for three months trying to work out budgets. Having that straightened out, they began shooting again.

“There was also a bone of contention among crew members,” The Vizier reveals. “Spearmint Rhino instituted the Vivid principle of paying the crew 30 days later. That didn’t go over too well, and Spearmint realizing the folly of that gesture, changed the procedure back to pay-on-the-spot.”

“Where did that brilliant idea come from?” I ask The Vizier.

“Remember, Dianna Lauren used to be John Gray’s wife,” The Vizier replies. “She worked for Vivid a long time and was running things the way Vivid ran things.”

The Vizier says that Lauren and Gray are now legally separated and are getting a divorce. They had been together for something like 15 years.

“And it seems like only yesterday that Lauren and Steven St. Croix were picking up cat shit together,” I tell The Viz and then ask the obvious: did the contract girls leave because of the fact the company wasn’t shooting and got antsy?

“Well, in the case of Jana Jordan she said she didn’t come to LA to be a stripper,” says The Vizier. “And the major portion of the contract was dancing. They had a five year dancing contract for each of the girls. And because they didn’t have a whole lot of production going on, Jordan wanted to dance one weekend a month. She was dancing three weekends a month. Because the girls were all dancing three weekends a month all over the US, according to the Spearmint end of the contract, the Ninn production side suffered because the girls were busy.

“Sounds like a Catch-22,” I said. “Spearmint Rhino was sending them out to dance but they don’t want to dance. But because they’re dancing there’s no time to shoot ’em.”

“It wasn’t so much they didn’t want to dance,” states The Vizier. “The girls seemed to be happy with their contracts. But I don’t think they realized they were going to be dancing maybe four weekends out of the month. Then, again, the contracts called for each of the girls to be shooting 20 movies a year. With production down since December, Ninn realized they had better get back on the stick.”

“It’s been a learning curve,” says The Vizier. “But NinnWorx isn’t going under. Of course that could change tomorrow.”

And The Vizier raises a hearty laugh. With it I smell the smoke of an Auchincloss cigarette.


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