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The Industry Was Just Plain Stupid By Giving It Away

Sandy Bunz began with comments about free content:

Melissa responded:

Sandy Bunz returned volley after Melissa told him to shut the fuck up:

John E now responds to Sandy Bunz and Melissa: WOW do both of you have good points and extremely uninformed points. First off the adult industry has been in trouble really now for some years. When I was working for a distributor several years ago we discussed internally trying to gather the producers and the distribution houses up in a meeting. This was around 2004-2005.

The reason this never happened is that we could not set it up due to fighting among ourselves and ridiculous stupid people wanting something. Plus a huge amount of miss trust amount every person in the industry it seems everyone hates everyone and no one could grasp the concept of working together and controlling the prices to stores on the web and above all on dollars given to producers to make the product.

Then lastly on wages for the talent what girl on earth needs $1500 to take it in the ass? Let alone $1000 for a simple BG. That is a simple insanity plus agency fee too. We where able to shoot a movies with A+ talent for less then $300 per girl. Some times that included anal. Back at this point we as an industry where putting at close to 1000 releases a month. Really think about this number and then consider a adult stores shelve space. It doesn’t work at all. Most stores can handle 80-100 releases a month with prime display space.

Second issue at this time was no one in adult films really thought that we needed websites. Somewhere dabbling in them at the time. Probably Vivid and possibly Hustler and a few other adult companies might have had content driven sites. I don’t think at that time these where much more then DVD sales sites. So we as industry where still not pushing our product to websites owned buy us that handled content.

Next issue is we all where stupid enough to sell of our content and the rights to people that mass reproduced it into things such as those 8 hour specials. We guess what most of us in film where too stupid to read the contracts or to even ask out distribution house if that included Internet rights. Usually it did not. So either your distribution house had a secondary contract that held those rights or they sold them of separately to the comp company or to websites at that point that came calling for content weekly. At this time we where getting calls for this content 3-5 times a week. Then some one got even smarter over at Top Bucks and created Pluggin Feeds. Well once they ran through their own content they came a calling too. I am sure at this point you’re getting the picture.

O and don’t forget all those foreign sales too. We all know that content got miss used too.

In reality we did not get our product stolen in reality we gave it away.

The website side of the business came up with this great idea of an AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Basically another free give away of clips of product and images so that these scenes could be advertised on thumb posting sites and MGP sites ( FREE SITES).

Well this started with some hard working people that either became lazy or the lazy people figured out how to make a shit load of cash and really not do anything. Plus at this point things like COMUS THUMBS basically set up plus ran your tgp or mgp website for you. It would even do your cropping. Plus you have all the poor affiliate mangers doing your work for you. Thus we again give all our content away for free.

Sadly much like the music industry adult is ran by snakes and liars and thieves. Yes there are a few good people but in reality adult like the music industry is a place where the slimy people tend to hide out and do their thing.

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT IS KING. The only way you do this is by not giving it away at all. Secondly you must not shoot the same lame ass girls on LAD, GS, or where ever else you book your talent from. These girls are not exclusive they are run of the mill. How many times can a customer look at Gina Lynn before she becomes another body doing the nasty? The only reason the solo girl concept works is that it’s exclusive and it’s about that girl, guys fall in love with her. Personality is a huge deal in this factor.

To make money and keep making money in this business is extremely hard work and takes a serious amount of blood sweat and tears plus brains and some serious amount of street smarts too. This industry has killed itself for several reasons the first is GREED. Next is GREED. Lastly STUPIDITY. Could also probably add lack of CREATIVITY, this does not mean brutality on women it means being creative comedy or something else that makes it interesting a plot maybe with girls that can act!


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