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The Kobe Fuckfest

The following is Kate Faber’s account of her night with Kobe. She talks about how Bryant asked her to come to his room at the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera, the posh Rocky Mountain resort where she worked as a concierge. She admits she was flattered by Bryant’s compliments, gave him a hug and let him kiss her for about five minutes. She claims when she wantd to leave The Kobester got more intense. She wanted to leave as the Kobester began grabbing her butt…He became a brute, she says. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

Kobe Bryant S03-1169 Videotape transcribed

Detective Winters, Deputy Marsha Rich, Nicole Shanor – victim advocate

Det. W: This is Detective Winters of the Eagle County Sheriff’s office in Eagle, Colorado. Present with me is Deputy Marsha Rich, the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

N: Nicole Shanor of the advocates against assault and resource center of Eagle County.

(redacted entry)

Det W: Ok. Go ahead and state your name, spell your last name and give your date of birth.

Det W: (redacted) With the air conditioner going here its kinda loud so when I’m talking to you, we are video taping The interview, I’ll need you 10 speak up, you have kinda of a soft voice.

Det. W: (redacted) how do spell your first name?

Det. W: OK. Can you kinda of explain to me um, why we’re here and what happened last night?

(redacted) : Last night I was at work and I was sexually assaulted.

Det. W: Ok. And when you mean, well where do you work at?

(redacted): Cordillera Lodge and Spa.

Det W: Ok. So you work at the Cordillera Lodge and Spa. Ok. And if I could ask you to speak up a little bit, I know it’s kinda hard. Um, and what do you do at the Cordillera Lodge and Spa?

(redacted): I work the front desk.

Det. W: Ok. What tune did you go to work?

(redacted): I got to work at 2 pm.

Det W: Um, You went to work at 2 p.m., what time were you scheduled to be off?

(redacted) : I was actually scheduled to be off at 7 p.m.

Det. W: At 7 p.m.

(redacted): I was supposed to arrive at 11, but I had car trouble coming back from Grand Junction in the morning so I didn’t show up until 2.

Dct. W: Ok.

(redacted): So I stayed after I was supposed to get off to make up the extra hours that I missed.

Det W: So you normally work from….

(redacted): to 7 p.m.

Det W: How long have you been employed by the Cordillera?

9f A month and a half.

Det. W: A month and a half.

(redacted): Since May 19th.

Det W; 2003. And just for the record Deputy Rich uh, left the room at 1447 to retrieve some items. Continuing um, how was work day, how did it start off?

(redacted) : Started off pretty slow, um around 4 p.m. I got a reservation call from a travel agent asking if we received a reservation over the internet for a Mr. Javier Rodriguez. We had not and she asked about availability and at that point she divulged the information to me that it was actually Mr. Bryant And that it was very important that we got him and his two companions a room. So, there were three rooms all together.

Det. W: And just for the record its 1448 Deputy Rich came back in. Ok so uh, do you remember who you talked to at the travel, what travel agency it was?

(redacted) : don’t know which travel agency we figured it out though I remember her name is Pat

Det. W: Ok. So she disclosed to you that a person by the name of Kobe Bryant.. .and uh how do you know this name?

(redacted): He plays for the LA Lakers and that’s how I know who he is.

Det. W: Ok, all right. Um, did she say, did she say what time he was gonna arrive?

(redacted): She did not, no.

Det. W: Ok. All right then what happened?

(redacted): Around, I’d say about 9:30 um, Mike Ortiz called, he was somebody staying with Mr.Bryant, to make sure that his room was ready and that his keys are ready so he could just go into the lobby and grab his key and go up to his room without having to deal with any paperwork.

Det. W: Ok.

(redacted) : They showed up around 9:45,10:00. I met Mr. Ortiz um, met Mr. Bryant and they asked me to escort him to his room.

Det. W: And who is Ortiz in relation to Mr. Bryant?

(redacted) : I’m thinking it was his bodyguard, but I’m not sure.

Det. W: Ok. And then what happened?

(redacted) : I showed Mr. Bryant and Mr. Ortiz and two, one other gentleman to Mr. Bryant’s room um…

Det. W: Who is the other gentleman?

(redacted) : Joe Carlson.

Det. W: And who is he in relation to all these other parties?

(redacted): I am not sure.

Det. W: Did he show up with these people?

(redacted): Yes he did. I’m not even sure if these are their real names they gave.

Det. W: And how do you know these names then?

(redacted): They gave it to me over the phone, the travel agent did. Cause, they had three different rooms.

Det. W: So you had a Joe Carison, Mike Ortiz and a Kobe Bryant. Ok.

(redacted): They actually called him Javier Rodriguez.

Det. W: But they called Mr. Bryant Javier Rodriguez. Ok. And then uh. ok then what happened after they arrived and escorted them to ….?

(redacted): To Mr. Bryant’s room. Urn, two other gentlemen were looking around the room and Mr. Bryant asked me, kinda in private if I would come back in 15 minutes and give him a tour of the hotel. And I said that I would. And at that point I went back, back down to the front desk got the keys for the two other rooms that they had reserved and showed the other two gentlemen to their rooms.

Det. W: Ok. What room was Mr. Bryant escorted to?

(redacted): To 35.

Det. W: Where is that located in the lodge because I’m not very familiar with the rooms?

(redacted): It’s actually the very last room on the first floor. About the farthest room you could get from the front desk or the lobby area.

Det. W: On the right or left?

(redacted): On the left hand side.

Det. W: Ok. So after you escorted them to Mr. Bryant’s room un, you went back downstairs, or you went back out to the front, to the front lobby or front desk counter and got the keys to the other two rooms and escorted the other two gentlemen to their rooms?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det. W: And then Mr. Bryant asked you to come back in about 15 minutes.

(redacted): Mmhmm.

DetW: Ok. Urn, what were you thinking at that point? Why, oh cause he wanted you to show him around, is that what you said?

(redacted): Yeah.

Det. W: Then what happened?

(redacted) : I showed the other two gentlemen to their rooms, came back to the front desk, and waited about 5,10 minutes and then actually went the back way to Mr. Bryant’s room.

Det. W: Why did you do that?

(redacted) : Because I, had a feeling that his bodyguards didn’t know that I was going back to Mr. Bryant’s room.

Det W: Why did you have this feeling?

(redacted) : Because they wouldn’t let anybody really get close to Mr. Bryant and Mr., he had asked me in person, like in uh, private when no one else was listening. To have him escorted around the hotel, so I wasn’t quite sure if they knew, so I went went the back way to his room.

Det. W: Um, and how do you know that they weren’t, that the other two weren’t lettingpeople near Mr. Bryant?

(redacted): That’s what the bellman had told me cause we were the only two in contact with Mr. Bryant, last night and they wouldn’t let him near at all.

Det.W: Who is the bellman?

(redacted) : Bobby Pietrack.

Det.W: Who?

(redacted): Bob Pietrack.

Det. W: And how do you spell his last name?

(redacted) : P-I-E-T-R-A-C-K

Det W: So after Mr. Bryant was escorted to his room the bellman was not allowed to go back?

(redacted) : No he was not

Det. W: And Mr. Pietrack told you this?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det. W: Ok. Did anybody see you go back to Mr. Bryant’s room?

(redacted) : Bob did.

Det. W: About what time was this?

(redacted) : I would say about 10:30,10:15.

Det. W: Around 10:30?

(redacted): Mm hmm.

Det. W: Um, and how, what’s the back way around?

(redacted) : You actually go out the front door of the lobby and take a left and go to, we have a little employee cafeteria, you go in through that door, take another left and that leads you to the second floor and you just take an elevator down to the first floor. And that avoids going through the lobby and going up the stairs.

Det. W: What rooms were the bodyguards in?

(redacted): 18 and 20.

Det W: Ok. Were they standing outside in the hallway or…?

(redacted) : They were ln tne lobby at that time.

Det W: Ok, urn, and they weren’t allowing anybody to go down that hallway?

Det. W: Had anybody tried?

(redacted) : Not that I know of, no.

Det W: Ok. Um, how did you get into Mr. Bryant’s room?

(redacted) : He told me to knock, and I knocked and he answered.

Det. W: Ok. Is there only one-way into the room?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det. W: Ok. And that’s the door you escorted him to?

(redacted) : Yes. And there’s actually un, a little patio area out front that if you walked through a yard I guess you could get in that way.

Det W: Through like a sliding glass door?

(redacted): |Mmhmm.

Det W: Ok, then what happened?

(redacted) : Um, he left his room we didn’t stay in his room at all at that point. And I showed him um, the spa, the exercise room, the outdoor pool the outdoor Jacuzzi. Took him back up to the lobby and showed him the terrace and at that point he asked me to escort him back to his room.

Det W: About how long was this tour?

(redacted): I’d say fifteen minutes.

Det W: Uh. then what happened?

(redacted): He invited me into his room, urn, I went in with him. Asked me to have a seat on the couch, I did. I sat on the couch he sat on a chair adjacent to the couch and we were just talking. Nothing was really happening just chitchat. He asked me if I would go in the Jacuzzi with him later. At which point I told him that my shift was over and I was gonna go home, because I was starting to get a little worried about the situation.

Det W: Well if you were supposed to get off at 7 why were you there at 9:30 or 10:00 when he arrived?

(redacted) : Because I was excited to meet Kobe Bryant.

Det W: So you wanted to meet him.

(redacted) : Yes I did. Plus I was trying to make up the extra hours that I missed my not coming in at 11.

Det W: Ok. Um, when you were giving the tour of the facility did anybody see you with Mr. Bryant?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Who saw you?

(redacted) : Bob Pietrack. He actually came out on the terrace with us for a few minutes and talked to us. And there was a couple sitting in the living room, that saw us together.

Det W: Do you know who they are?

(redacted) : Uh, the Chipowskis. I don’t know how to spell their last name.

Det W: I’m sorry?

(redacted) : The Chipowskis. They’re regulars at our hotel.

Det W: And they were in the lobby?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: Where were the other two gentlemen?

(redacted) : I do not know at that point.

Det W: Were they in the lobby at that time?

(redacted): No they weren’t.

Det W: Ok. Urn, ok then what happened? So, actually, let me back up, had anybody else seen you and Mr. Bryant together?

(redacted): Trina the night audit. She was at the front desk.

Det W: Ok. Um, the conversation between un, you Mr. Bryant and Bob, Mr. Pietrack?

(redacted) : Mr. Pietrack. Yes.

Det W: Um, what did that, what kinda conversation was that?

(redacted) : They were talking about urn, Los Angeles where Mr. Bryant was from and how quiet it was in Colorado no paparazzi. Basic conversation.

Det W: And nobody was with you guys at this time to the, Mr. Ortiz or Mr. Carlson were not with you?

Det W: After you’re um, contact with Mr. Pietrack and Mr. Bryant urn, what happened after that?

(redacted) : I showed Mr. Bryant back to his room and Bob stayed in the lobby.

Det W: Ok. So, was it at that time that Mr. Bryant asked you to escort him back to his room?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: And Mr. Pietrack was there for that conversation?

Det W: Um, ok, then you explained to me, so you went in the room. Was the door opened or closed?

(redacted): Closed.

Det W: Who closed the door?

(redacted) : Mr. Bryant.

Det W: Ok. And then you proceeded to the couch?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: And he sat on a chair adjacent to you. Then what happened?

(redacted): We were talking and he asked me to open the Jacuzzi for him. I told him that my shift was over and I was gonna go home. He proceeded to try and convince me to come back in fifteen minutes, which I told him I would just so I could get out of there and then I was just gonna leave and not come back. Um, I stood up to leave, he stood up, asked me to give him a hug. I gave him a hug and he started kissing me and I let him kiss me. And the kissing continued then he took off his pants. And that’s when I tried to back up and leave. And that’s when he started to choke me.

Det W: Ok. Hang on right there.

(redacted) : Ok.

Det W: Um, so after you told him yeah, said you would come back, what happened did you get up or did you stay seated or what were you…?

(redacted) : I stood up to leave.

Det W: Ok.

(redacted) : And he stood up. Um, asked me to give him a hug.

Det W: And you did?

(redacted) : And I did, yes.

Det W: And that was consensual?

(redacted) : Yes it was.

Det W: Um, what were you thinking at this time?

(redacted) : I was thinking that his actions were getting physical, and that I wanted to get out of room.

Det W: Ok. After the hug he said he kissed you?

(redacted): Yes.

Det W: And that was consensual?

(redacted) Yes.

Det W: And what do you mean how, do, you know, I guess this is where I want a description how, how did you mean, or how did he kiss you?

(redacted) : Um, we were still hugging and I looked up at him and he just started kissing me.

Det W: How long did this go on for?

(redacted): I’d say about 5 minutes.

Det W: Where did he kiss you?

(redacted): On my mouth, on my neck.

Det W: Ok. Um, what were you doing at this time?

(redacted) : I was letting him kiss me, I was kissing him back.

Det W: Ok. So that was purely consensual?

(redacted) : Yes it was.

Det W: Ok. And this lasted for about 5 minutes?

(redacted): Yes

Det W: About what time is this now, this stage in the game?

(redacted) : I guess it was around 11:00.

Det W: Ok.

(redacted) : Maybe a little bit before.

Det W: And when you’re referring to last night you’re referring to the 30th of June?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Of 2003?

Det W: Ok. Um, what happened after the kissing then?

(redacted) : He started um, groping me, I guess I’d say.

Det W: What do you mean by groping?

(redacted) : Putting his hands on me, grabbing my butt, my chest. Trying to lift up my skirt. Proceeded to take off his own pants. Trying to grab my hand and make me touch him.

Det W: Ok. Um, were you clothed during this whole time?

(redacted) : Yes

Det W: Ok. When you say he was grabbing your butt and chest, was he, so he was actually doing that, he was grabbing you? And what were you telling him during all this?

(redacted) : That I need…

Det W: Or did you tell him anything?

(redacted) : I told him once that I needed to leave.

Det W: What did he, what was his response?

(redacted) : He didn’t say anything.

Det W: Did he hear you?

(redacted) : If he did he didn’t make any gestures or anything that would let me know that he did.

Det W: Ok. Did you ever tell him anything else?

(redacted) : NO, because when he took off his pants that’s when I started to kinda back up, and try to push his bands off me and that’s when he started to choke me. He wasn’t choking me enough, that I couldn’t breathe just choking me to the point that I was scared.

Det W: Ok. Um, when he was grabbing your butt and chest and groping you um, you said you were clothed?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: Where was that happening? Over you’re clothing, under your clothing?

(redacted) : Over and he kept trying to put his hands under my skirt.

Det W: Did he?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: And what happened there?

(redacted) : He continued to touch me.

Det W: Where did he touch you?

(redacted): Everywhere he could.

Det W: Ok. This is where, this is hard, you’re doing a great job ok, you’re doing fine, ok. But I need you to describe for me what where he was touching.

(redacted) : UM, outside of my underwear he didn’t actually finger me or anything it was just touching I guess.

Det W: Ok. The front or back side.

(redacted) : Both.

Det W: Ok. What was he doing? As far as when you say he’s touching you what, what do you mean by that?

(redacted) : Grabbing and rubbing and….

Det W: So he’s rubbing, what is he rubbing?

(redacted) : My vagina.

Det W: Are you telling him anything at this point?

(redacted) : Telling him that, I told him once that I needed to leave.

Det W: Ok. And that was when he started groping you, the groping and butt and, and him touching your panties, on the outside of your vagina? That was all you told him all that, in that time frame?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: How long did this go on for?

(redacted) : The kissing without the groping and grabbing was about 5 minutes. And then a couple more minutes of him getting more physical.

Det W: Urn, what was he wearing?

(redacted) : He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue uh, I guess you call em, nylon track pants. Just warm-up pants and tennis shoes.

Det W: Any underwear did you know of?

(redacted) : I don’t know.

Det W: No, or you don’t know.

(redacted) : I don’t know.

Det W: What were you wearing?

(redacted) : I I was wearing a black dress, urn, my black blazer, my nametag, and just um, shoes.

Det W: Did you have on nylons or anything like that?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: Ok. And your panties and bra, did you have a shirt underneath your blazer?

(redacted) : No. Just a dress.

Det W: So it’s a one-piece dress.

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: Um, so, with him rubbing your vagina and area, and your vagina area and buttocks and breasts, you said that lasted for about how long?

(redacted) : Two to three minutes, and during that time I was trying to uh, pull away.

Det W: And you said he was, he had grabbed your neck?

(redacted) : (Inaudible). (Nods head yes).

Det W: How did he grab your neck, was he choking, or how was he choking you?

(redacted) : He had his arms around my neck like this.

Det W: Both or one?

(redacted) : Both.

Det W: And what were you doing at this time?

(redacted) : That’s when I was trying to leave after ail the groping.

Det W: Were you saying anything to him?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: Did he know you were trying to leave?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: How do you know that?

(redacted) : Because I kept trying to back away and move towards the door.

Det W: Ok. And where is this all occurring at?

(redacted) : Um, in the room that he was staying in there’s urn, a living room, and separate from the living room, there’s a bedroom, and this was in the living room.

Det W: Ok. When you enter the, building or when you enter the residence where do you come into first?

(redacted) : YOU enter into the living room first.

Det W: Ok. On the right or left side side or is it kinda just open?

(redacted) : It’s just open.

Det W: Where’s the couch at and all that?

(redacted) : You walk in and on the right hand side is the bathroom. You keep walking straight and the couch is up against the wall, and there’s two chairs, a TV, you head out onto the patio, if you go over to the right there’s the bedroom.

Det W: Ok. Small place, big place?

(redacted) : Uh, big for a hotel room.

Det W: Ok. Does it have a kitchen or anything like that in the room, or just, ok, so it’s,it’s a regular hotel room without… .Urn, at this time where are you positioned, or who is closest to the door?

(redacted) : He is.

Det W: He is, so he’s in between you and the door?

(redacted): He has his back to the door and I’m standing in front of him.

Det W: Ok. Then what happened?

(redacted) : I try and walk to the side, and he would walk to the side with me.

Det W: Ok.

(redacted) : And that’s when he started to put his hands on my neck.

Det W: Ok. Um, was that during the groping, or?

(redacted) : That was after.

Det W: Ok so after the groping. So he, he was choking you at one time and then he let go at some point?

(redacted) : He was groping me, I tried to leave, tried to break away, that’s when he grabbed my neck.

Det W: Ok.

(redacted) : And at that point I was just looking at him, didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what to say.

DetW: Ok.

(redacted) : Then he held me by my neck and physically forced me over to the side of the couch or to the side of the two chairs and thafs when he turned my back to him and …

Det W: When you said that he, he was choking you and had his hands around your neck,just so I understand, I may be confused. When you’re trying to go from one side to the next, is he continuing on choking you at this point also?

(redacted) : I wouldn’t say he was choking me, I could breathe, but he had his hands tight enough around my neck, so that I thought he would choke me.

Det W: Ok. So he was controlling your movements?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Ok. So and then what happened?

(redacted) : That’s when he continually had one hand around my neck and with his other hand pushed me over to the side of the two chairs urn, turned me around and bent me over and lifted up my skirt.

Del W: Ok. Um, so now you’re at, you’re over where the chairs are.

(redacted) : Still in the living room just over by the side of the chairs. Away from the table.

Del W: Are you telling him anything at this point, now?

(redacted): At that point I was just kinda scared and I said no a few times.

Del W; Ok, What, you said no, were you bent over when you were saying no?

(redacted) : Yeah when he lifted up my skirt I said no when he took off my underwear.

Det W: How loud did you say no?

(redacted): About as loud as I’m saying it now.

Det W: Did he hear you?

(redacted) : Yes. He did.

Det W: How do you know he heard you?

(redacted) : Because every time I said no he tightened his hold, around me.

Det W: Ok. But he has you bent over, how is he holding your neck?

(redacted) : Like this. And then he would lean his face real close to me and ask me questions.

Det W: What would he ask you?

(redacted) : You’re not gonna tell anybody right

Det W: What did you say?

(redacted) : I said no. And he didn’t hear me or asked me to say it louder. Wanted me to turn around and look at him while I said it.

Det W: How many times did he ask you that?

(redacted) : Three or four.

Det W: What was your response every time?

(redacted) : NO.

Dct W: Why did you say no?

(redacted) : I was scared that if I told him that yes, I’m gonna tell somebody, I’m gonna get out of here now that he would become more physical with me.

Det W: Ok.

(redacted) : Or try harder to keep me in there.

Det W: And then what happened?

(redacted) : And then he lifted up my skirt, took off my underwear and, and came inside of me.

Det W: So he took off your underwear?

(redacted) : (Inaudible answer). (Nods head yes).

Det W: Ok. And then, then what happened?

(redacted) : That’s when he kept coming inside me and then he leaned his face toward mine and asked me if I liked it when a guy [sex act] , I said no. Then he was like what did you say. Grabbed and like tightened his hold on my neck, I said no. He said he was gonna do it anyway. And then at that point I got a little bit more aggressive with him and tried to release his hands from my neck. And he was still behind me and at that point he’s still choking me, I was not trying as hard as I could of to get away, but I was still trying….

Dct W: Ok. Ok. When, when you say he’s coming in from behind, what do you mean?

(redacted) : He’s, he’s [sex act] inside me.

Det W: Ok and so I’m assuming his penis is in your vagina.

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Ok. How long did this go on for?

(redacted) : About five minutes. Five, ten minutes.

Det W: Ok. Um, was he hurting you?

Det W: Vaginally?

(redacted) : Yes.

Del W: Ok. Um, had you led him on at anytime during this event, where he would have believed that maybe he was led on?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: At what point.

(redacted) : When I was walking to his room and showing him, showing him around he was being flirtatious with me and I was flirtatious back.

Det W: Ok and why were you doing that?

(redacted) : Part of me was excited that he was Kobe Bryant and he was showing interest in me and part of me was trying to I don’t wanna say being a good employee but be nice I guess.

Det W: Um, getting back to the incident um, could you tell if his penis was hard or soft?

(redacted): It was hard.

Det W: It was hard. Ok. Do you know if he ejaculated?

(redacted) : I do not know.

Det W: Ok. What, what made this, and then what happened after he’s um, having sex with you from behind?

(redacted) : When I started to get a little bit more aggressive, tried harder to get away that’s when he stopped.

Det W: Ok. Then what happened?

(redacted) : l stood up and I turned around and he forced me to stay in the room until I had calmed down a little bit Made me fix my hair and wash my face.

Det W: Were you crying then?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: When did you begin crying?

(redacted) : When he was coming inside, or started having sex with me.

Det W: Um, would he have known that this was not a consensual encounter?

Det W: You understand what consensual means?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Ok, what does it mean?

(redacted) : It means I’m allowing him to do what he’s doing, that I want him to do what he’s doing.

Det W: Ok, so. So it’s fair to say that you allowed him to do everything up to the point of the groping issue?

Det W: And at that point was it clear that he knew that you didn’t want to go any further?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Um, and then you say you got forceful with him, how, how describe how forceful, you said you were prying his hands apart and that made him stop all of a sudden. What, did he say anything to you at that point?

(redacted) : He didn’t say anything until he had stopped, and I, I turned around and was looking at him and that’s when he started this is just between the two, the two of us nobody is gonna know about this, you’re not going to tell anybody. Not asking me just like telling me. Nobody’s gonna know, your not going to tell anybody.

Det W: What did you say?

(redacted) : I said no I wouldn’t tell anybody.

Det W: And why did you tell him that?

(redacted) : I told him no because I was scared that if I told him that I was going to tell somebody that he would do other things to scare me into not telling anybody, become more physical with me choke me harder or hit me or something like that.

Det W: Ok. Um, when he was penetrating you vaginally you said he was hurting you?

(redacted): Mm hmm.

Det W: Do you notice anything different about yourself after that happened, um , physically?

(redacted) : I’m still hurting.

Det W: Were you bleeding or anything like that?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: You had bled.

(redacted) : Yeah.

Det W: Do you know if it was a lot or?

(redacted) : Not very much, no.

Det W: Do you know if anything got on the floor or anything like that? Any blood?

(redacted) : No.

Deputy Marsha Rich: No you don’t know or no you…?

(redacted) : No there was no blood on the floor.

Deputy Marsha Rich: Ok.

Det W: Did you, urn, when was the last time you had consensual sexual intercourse?

Det W: Ok. Um, would you have noticed if he ejaculated inside you.

(redacted) : No I don’t think I would have noticed.

Det W: Ok. So you still don’t know if he did or didn’t?

(redacted) : NO I don’t

Det W: When he turned around urn, was he still naked?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: He had put his clothes back on?

(redacted) : Mm hnm. I mean he wasn’t, he had just pulled his pants down he didn’t completely take them off.

Det W: Ok, so they were just down around by his ankles?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: Um.ok. Did you shower, or douche or anything after?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: Um, and you hadn’t showered since, when was the last time you showered?

(redacted) : Um, the morning of the 30th.

Det W: Ok. Is there anything else that happened after that?

(redacted) : The only other thing is that before when I was in his room, before the kissing or anything started I had asked him for his autograph and he had a marker and a piece of paper that I had given him and he told me that if I wanted an autograph to come back and he was holding it as collateral so that I would come back.

Det W: Did he ever give you an autograph?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: Then what happened after…?

(redacted) : He made me stay in the room until, uh, my face was red and I was sweating a little bit until, and then I, he made me stop crying and wash off my face and fix my hair.

Det W: How long did you stay in the room after this happened?

(redacted) : About five minutes.

Det W: Ok, and did he make you wash your face and stuff, or did?

(redacted): (Inaudible answer). (Nods head yes).

Det W: And why did he do that?

(redacted) : Cause I was crying.

Det W: Ok. Um, who put your panties back on?

(redacted) : I did.

Det W: Ok. Were they all the way off or just down around your ankles?

(redacted) : Just around my ankles.

Det W: Ok. During the incident with urn, him, urn, having sex with you from behind, was he doing anything else?

(redacted) : Just, he had one hand on my neck. And another hand on my waist.

Det W: Was he saying anything during this, other than when he moved up close behind your head?

(redacted) : He was making noises but he wasn’t saying anything.

Det W: What kind of noises was he making?

(redacted) : Noises that would indicate that he liked what was happening.

Det W: Like groaning noises?

(redacted) : (Inaudible answer). (Nods head yes). He said I like Vail Colorado, too.

Det W: During this?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det. W: Was, was this particular encounter consensual at all, I mean having sex, did you tell him that you wanted to have sex with him?

(redacted): No.

Det W: And did his, from your understanding everything that he said, or everything that you told him or you led him to believe that this was not a, that you didn’t want to do this?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Ok.

(redacted) : I think for the most part I led him to believe that I wanted him to hug me or kiss me.

Det W: Did he hurt you in any other way?

(redacted) : No.

Del W: Ok. I take it you were in fear the whole time?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: That this was going on.

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: What were you fearful of?

(redacted) : was most fearful that if I told him no or tried to struggle or tried to get away that he would become more physical with me.

Det W: Did you think anything like this was going to happen earlier in the evening?

(redacted): I had some idea that, cause he was showing interest in me and being flirtatious, asking me how old I was, asking if I had a boyfriend, so a little part of me thought that he was gonna try and make a move on me.

Det W; And what, what did you think at that point?

(redacted) : 1 thought making a move on me would be kissing me, and that was it. And I thought that was fine.

Det W: Ok. You had no intentions of sleeping with him?

(redacted) : N0.

Det W: Whatsoever?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: But kissing, that’s ok?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: But if it progressed any further… ?

(redacted) : That’s not ok.

Det W: Is there anything else that you want to tell us?

(redacted) : l When I left I told him that I wouldn’t tell anybody again. Because he asked again. And I left and I went back down to the lobby and Bob was still there. And he walked me outside and I told him what had happened.

Det W: What was his reaction?

(redacted) : He was floored, he was completely shocked.

Det W: What did he tell you?

(redacted) : He was asking me a lot of questions, and was like well that’s rape isn’t it, that’s what rape is. And then he told me I should talk to my parents and I told him I wasn’t going to. Told me I should call the police.

Det W: Was he going to say anything to anybody else about this?

(redacted) : He didn’t tell me that he was going to but he called me when I got home and I could hear somebody talking in the background and I asked him who it was and he told his dad what happened.

Det W: Ok. What time did you leave the hotel, what time did you leave Mr. Bryant’s room?

(redacted): I’d say 11:20.

Det W: Ok. What time did you get home last night?

(redacted) : I got home around 12:15, 12:20.

Det W: Ok. From the time that you entered the room, about 20 minutes from 11:00 to 11:20, ok. Is everything that you’re telling me here today the truth?

Det W: And you understand the difference between a truth and lie?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Ok. Do you understand the allegations that you’re making against someone?

(redacted) : Yes I do.

Det W: You understand the seriousness of this allegation?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Are you lying to me right now?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: Do you understand that if you’re not telling me the truth, and through our investigation if it comes out that this was just a story, and it was made up, do you understand that you could be held liable for that?

(redacted) : Yes I do.

Det W: And you, do you understand that you will be charged for that?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Ok. If an issue came up that a polygraph examination was in order would you bewilling to take that test?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: Are you willing to testify in court?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: If need be, if need be, and we can talk a lot about that later, ok. Um, is there anything else you want to tell us?

Det W: Ok. What we’re gonna do is continue with the investigation, if you haven’t showered or douched or anything like that what I’d like to do is submit, have you complete a sexual assault kit. If that’s ok.

(redacted) : Yeah.

Det W: Um, and we take care of all that. Do you have any questions for me?

(redacted): Is it, does it, what’s it at now that I either press charges or I don’t or?

Det W: Well at, at this time urn, you’ve made a complaint to us, we’re going to investigate the matter ok, um, obviously we have, we have some work to do right now ok. Um, as long as you’re telling me the truth and you claim that this is truly what happened and you believe it wasn’t consensual you truly had told him it wasn’t consensual, then we’ll, we’ll, we’ll see just go like we normally would with any other case. Ok. Um, file with the district attorney’s office if anything like that needs to happen. Um, we’re not treating this any different because of anybody’s stature in the community or anything like that Ok. Um, likewise you know, I don’t want, I guess from my standpoint it’s not that I don’t believe you its just that, if I don’t want to see anybody doing this just to try and get ahead or anything like that. Because you obviously, this is pretty serious with a pretty serious person you understand what I’m saying?

(redacted) : Yes.

Del W: So, I just want to make sure that anything that you have here, just tell us the truth and we’ll investigate it as is ok. I understand that this is hard for you, to go through um, it’s embarrassing too urn, but it wasn’t your fault, ok. This is not your fault. If accountability needs to be held, that’s what’s gonna happen. Ok. But don’t blame yourself for this, this wasn’t your fault un, nobody did this to, I mean the one person that did this to you if needs to be held accountable he will. Ok. Um, I guess I got a description, I guess just go about how tall was he?

(redacted) : I’d say he was about 6-5.

Det W: How much do you think he weighs?

(redacted) : A little under, like 200.

Dct W: About 190. Urn, what kind of hair?

(redacted) : I guess it’s shaved right now.

DetW: Shaved? Any facial hair or anything like that?

(redacted) : Yeah he has a goatee.

Det W: Um, did you recognize the party if? Do you recognize him?

(redacted) : Yeah.

Det W: And where do you recognize him from?

(redacted) : TV.

Det W: Does he look pretty much the same?

(redacted) : Mm hmm except for his hair is different now.

Det W: Ok. Did he tell you who he was?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: What did he tell you?

(redacted) : He introduced himself as Kobe Bryant.

Det W: Ok. Um, did you notice any other marks or anything on him, any identifying characteristics about him, any scars, marks, tattoos, piercings?

(redacted) : He has his right ear pierced. But no tattoos.

Del W: No tattoos? That you know of.

(redacted) : We actually talked about tattoos and he told me he didn’t have any.

Det W: Ok. How long did you guys chitchat when you were in the room before all this happened?

(redacted) : About five minutes.

Del W: What did you guy’s talk about?

(redacted) : Um, I had a tattoo on my ankle and he saw it and thafs how the conversation about tattoos started.

Det W: Was that really the only conversation you guys had at that time?

(redacted) : I was starting to get really uncomfortable.

Det W: And why would, why were you starting to get uncomfortable at that point?

(redacted) : Because the other two guys were gone. And he was being flirtatious with me and I know he has a wife and that he has children.

DetW: You know this?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: Did he tell you this, or?

(redacted) : N0.

Det W: How do you know this?

(redacted) : Um, I read magazines and also there was a package for Mr. and Mrs. Bryant waiting for him.

Det W: Um, when you guys are saying that you’re being flirtatious what, what do you mean?

(redacted) : He was asking me if I had a boyfriend or why don’t you have a boyfriend. Making comments about the way that I look, the way I was dressed.

Det W: What kind of comments was he making about that?

(redacted) : He liked my dress, he liked my height.

Det W: Did you make any comments towards him?

(redacted) : (Inaudible answer). (Shakes head no).

Det W: You explained earlier in the interview that you were being flirtatious back, how were you being flirtatious back?

(redacted) : Telling him thank you and laughing at his jokes and ….

Det W: Is there anything else you want to tell us right now?

Det W: We’re going to end the interview at, oh …

Deputy Marsha Rich: Oh wait can I ask a question?

Det W: I’m sorry go ahead.

Deputy Marsha Rich: His wife, the package was to him and his wife?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Deputy Marsha Rich: Was his wife there?

(redacted) : No. Deputy Marsha Rich: Did she ever show up?

(redacted) N0.

Deputy Marsha Rich: Was she there today do you know?

Deputy Marsha Rich: Ok.

Del W: When is he supposed to check out?

(redacted) : He’s supposed to check out tomorrow morning. Check out is at 12.

Det W: Do you know where he is going to?

(redacted) : No.

Deputy Marsha Rich: How did he get to Vail?

(redacted) : He flew in from New York.

Deputy Marsha Rich: Did he fly into Eagle or to DIA?

(redacted) : He flew into Denver and they had a special driver that drove him to Cordillera.

Deputy Marsha Rich: Do you know if that’s the same person that’s picking him up or?

(redacted) : I do not know.

Det W: Had anybody else seen you, did anybody else see you come out of his room?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: Did anyone see you come out of his room?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: Did anyone see you go into his room by yourself?

(redacted) : No.

Det W: But Bob, uh Mr. Pietrack? knew you were going to his room (unclear).

(redacted) : Yes. He also knew that he had invited me to take him on the tour.

Det W; Ok. Do you guys have any other questions?

Nicole Shanor: I’m just curious (redacted) when, when he had his hands around your neck and you said you were fearful that something else was going to happen, what, what did you think he could have done? How scared were you?

(redacted) : I was scared that he was gonna choke me till, like I couldn’t breathe, or that he would hit me or….

Det W: So you were fearing he was going to create physical harm to yourself?

(redacted) : Yes.

Det W: So you were, you were more or less going along with what was going on because you didn’t want to get hurt?

(redacted) : Yes.

Nicole Shanor: Um, I guess the only other thing is, you had said he was really flirtatious and, during this whole time, when did you notice that switch? When did it turn like he wasn’t listening to you?

(redacted) : When he started groping me he wasn’t so nice anymore. His voice got deeper and more stern and he became more rough with me. When he first started kissing me it was all really soft and he was being really nice and then he just, his actions became, he jerked me around and he was squeezing me and.

Deputy Marsha Rich: When you were kissing him, where were your hands?

(redacted) : Around his neck.

Det W: Your hands were around his neck?

(redacted): Uh hmm, not like around his neck but….

Det W: Your arms were. Ok. Where were your hands when he had bent you over, and was coming from behind?

(redacted) : On the chair.

Det W: Did you try and push away or anything at that point?

(redacted) : Not at first but towards the end when it got more aggressive that’s when like.

Det W: And then you grabbed him, what do you mean by, how did you grab him?

(redacted): l tried to grab the inside of his hand, and tried to pry it off of my neck.

Det W: What did he do at that point?

(redacted) : He tried to keep it there at first but he took it away pretty quickly.

Det W; And how long were you grabbing?

(redacted): About 30 seconds.

Det W: Did he know you were trying to leave the room?

(redacted) : Yes.

Deputy Marsha Rich: You said there were two chairs in the room?

(redacted) : Mrnm hmm, there was like a couch like a two seat couch.

Det W: A love seat

(redacted): Love seat and then two separate chairs.

Det W: Up against the wall?

Deputy Marsha Rich: The love seat’s against the wall right?

(redacted) : Yes.

Deputy Marsha Rich: I’m sorry.

Det W: Go ahead.

Deputy Marsha Rich: And then there’s two chairs in the room?

(redacted) : Mmm hmm like the couch was here and the two chairs were here and there’s a table here.

Deputy Marsha Rich: Sorry.

DetW; Ok. So I, so I got this…

Deputy Marsha Rich: Draw it

Det W:.. .so the wall is here right? You enter the room here.

(redacted) : Right The bathroom’s here. The bedroom’s over here.

Det W: The bathroom and, and the couch.

(redacted) : The couch is actually up against this wall.

Det W: Ok so, the walls here, couch, and where’s the chair’s at?

(redacted) : Chair sits right here. And the patio door’s right here.

Deputy Marsha Rich: I just wanted to know, which chair, you did say there was two chairs, which one of them?

Det W: Which chair?

(redacted) : This one.

Deputy Marsha Rich: Closer to the patio?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Det W: And so you were facing the wall?

(redacted) : I was facing towards the door.

Det W: So he was behind you for this?

(redacted) : Mm hmm.

Deputy Marsha Rich: And you were bent over the chair?

Det W: How was the chair facing?

(redacted) : The chair’s facing this way.

Det W: Ok. So the arms are here, so where were your hands?

f| On the back of the chair right here.

Det W: So he had you bent over the chair like this?

(redacted) : Yeah it felt like…,

Deputy Marsha Rich: The part like where you would sit?

(redacted): Yeah, I felt like he was gonna knock me over, and push the chair over so I was like bracing myself on the chair.

Det W: Ok. Anything else? We’re going to end the interview at uh, 15 :34 hours.

End of tape.



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