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The Los Angeles Daily News’ Anti-Gay Bias and Ignorance Were Certainly Showing in Their Industry Editorial

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I generally leave the sermonizing to parsons and the speech making to politicians. But when Rob Black does what he did today with the Los Angeles Daily News today, there is no one better.

I posted an editorial which some moron wrote for the Daily News about the porn industry

It was full of gross inaccuracies and bewildering observations to say the least. Black did a cold read of it on his show, and within minutes had people hanging from meat hooks and rotating on spits.

Black mangled the LA Weekly similarly with an article they did on Jessie Andrews

“Whoever did that Daily News piece- they need to be fired,” observed Black.

“Whoever works for the Daily News- maybe they’re moonlighting as a film producer. Sacramento, I want you to hear this- we- Gene Ross and myself, are now more truthful than the LA Daily News. We’ve proved we’re the only truth-telling mechanism in the adult business, but now we’re the only truth based mechanism in the Los Angeles media!

“The Daily News writes an article filled with so much BS I can’t believe the Iz Man [Isadore Hall] in Sacramento would not stand for a Daily News piece to be full of BS. They slander and talk about a business- it’s obvious they are biased, and the contributor was in the 50 man gang bang.”

Black was exaggerating but he had a point to make.

“The people associated with that article must have been part of the 50 man gangbang. The Daily News writer is also moonlighting as the ‘homeless man’ on the 50 man gang bang. How could he be a Daily News reporter?

“He’s not very intelligent. He doesn’t have a good sense of direction. He must have been the homeless man who sat there with four or five garbage bags waiting with his HIV test to do the 50 man gangbang and Ron Jeremy fed him at the end of the night.

“I have as much facts to claim this reporter was a participant in that gangbang as he’s trying to tell you about the business in this article.

“This reporter equates to the brain capacity of a homeless man. They’re on the same intellectual level. Because that is the only way you can come up with these conclusions. For someone to be that ignorant and stupid, they must not have the sense of a derelict off the street.

“You have the Daily News talking about this ‘silly’ thing going on by this crusader Michael Weinstein who’s attacking the pornographers. The Daily News is wrong- they tried to piece this altogether and tell you that Weinstein is “shocked” by the porn industry.

“The shock is a production company circumventing not a condom law, but the Mann Act, but you don’t seem to understand that. I think people are generally shocked if you’re running from a condom law and health and where people are coming down with HIV.

“But you’re not talking about how last year we had a syphilis outbreak and no one ever heard of it in the business until then. Other than that, the Daily News thinks Michael Weinstein is silly and a hypersensitive queer running around the Valley and that there’s a black from Compton who thinks he’s got power.

The Daily News went on to talk about how because of the condom mandate LA porn producers were moving to Florida.

“Guess what Daily News?” said Black.

“The porn company [San Diego Boy Productions] you’re talking about is going to stop using the outside producer [which was shooting bare back scenes]. Daily News, you act like this was Hustler who decided to stop everything and move outside of Los Angeles. You need to get your facts correct,

“The paper, and their writer is a complete moron,” Black continued.

“They’re promoting prostitution. Whoever your boss is might be the biggest loser. The Daily News promotes white slavery. And what’s the production company moving to Florida? Who is the company, Daily News? It’s a gay company, and you don’t seem to be questioning that.

“Weinstein the crazy gay went after one of his own, but the Daily News doesn’t want to tell you that. Only a homeless guy could be that uneducated to write a piece like that. The fact checker needs to be fired and homeless so they can join their twin in the gangbang.

“The gay company never moved,” Black clarified.

“They were shooting bareback and Michael Weinstein went after them. Look what happened. The Daily News declared porn producers are leaving California! It’s a gay studio based out of here.

“Daily News, you are a liar and you’re supposed to be informative. And you’re lying and telling people to commit a crime. It’s amazing that you’re this stupid. Iz man, I need your help. Daily News, you’re killing me. The Daily News tells everybody that moving out of Los Angeles is ‘exactly what we all predicted.’

“Daily News, I don’t know any business owner, except an illegal enterprise that would move their organization to break the law. There’s only two states that consider shooting porn legal. Any other state considers what we do as pandering.

“I know, Daily News, you’re going prostitution? What are you talking about? In Florida- they have a sheriff out there [Grady Judd] that’s busting people for selling dirty books and he’s busting people. It’s happening in Florida. Guess what? The minute a producer puts up a big sign, the sheriff that busts people is going to whatever legislator and go how in the hell are you going to let a porn studio up and commit prostitution?

“Daily News, you feel the Florida legislature can craft a bill and make pandering legal?”

Black then reminded his audience about the Hal Freeman decision which made it legal to shoot porn in California.

“But when you’re telling people our business is moving to Florida that’s a lie,” said Black.

“It’s illegal there. You’re a newspaper that is a liar. You are telling people to break the law. That’s it. Iz man, there should be a press release going out that the Daily News is supporting companies to break the law and not just any law, but one that involves human trafficking. That is what it’s called, but I guess they don’t know about that.

“But some idiot pornographer on a stupid radio show seems to comprehend the fact that the Daily News is promoting breaking a law that affects women and involves the mistreatment and abuse of women.

“The Daily News is promoting corporations to abuse women. I have never read seen or heard anybody- not even Fox News- promote corporations to break the law. That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

This is where The Daily News really showed its ignorance with this comment: “It’s silly for Weinstein to condemn producers for seeking favorable conditions, as business owners do in any industry.

“The Daily News is promoting the breaking of federal laws to seek favorable business conditions,” Black observed.

“The Daily News is saying if you don’t like a law in your state, move to another state where it’s illegal. That’s kind of a bizarre thing to do, but you are a Los Angeles newspaper and know what you’re talking about.

“And the fact the Daily News says the departure of porn, we could lose 1 billion a year and a 10,000 jobs. The Daily New is lying,” Black added.

“I can put together an email from the Iz Man and we can write down the lies about the 10,000 jobs. Nobody’s moving out, Daily News, you’re a liar. I can put a list together of companies and nobody employs 10,000 people [or if you add all of them up]. Daily News, you’re talking about a film business that’s based on fantasy and special effects.

“You don’t need a billion dollars to do what we do all the time. What you’re saying is illegal. You’re saying Weinstein is bullshit and the porn business is moving to Florida with a loss of a billion dollars. The Iz Man and Weinstein should be out there telling you that the Daily News is promoting pandering and white slave trafficking.

Black explained how shooting in Florida is RICO conspiracy on top of the federal Mann Act.

“Florida also has a sanitary nuisance law, but a girl having sex in a house is Interstate transportation,” Black added, noting that Florida law enforcement is just waiting for the opportunity to make some busts.

“You can all roll your eyes and go are they really going after that? Before I was busted for obscenity, it hadn’t been prosecuted in over a decade. Anything that is on the books the government can bust you for that.

“Daily News, your theme should have been how the days of condoms are coming to Los Angeles, and the porn business will have to comply for the health and safety of the workers.

“You are stupid and someone is filling you with shit. You don’t like gays and you don’t like blacks. If I were the AHF I would be gearing up a campaign to discredit the Daily News.

“You don’t fact check, and you’re telling the industry to break the law, that there is no purpose to work with city officials and come to a common ground. Instead of being compliant and working within the system to effect compromise the Daily News tells the industry to move to Florida.

“Why don’t you go find Meg Whitman and ask her as a strong woman leader who ran her own company, if the state of California deemed what you were doing was wrong and you had to comply, would you fight them or work with that city? Or would you pack up where everything you do is illegal and you could go to prison. What would you do?

“Daily News you guys are disgusting and lie to the people of California. I don’t know what the reasoning is, but you did and it’s pretty pathetic.

“I don’t know what your motivation is, and what it is you don’t like about the Aids Healthcare Foundation. But even more scary, I don’t know what you don’t like about the American work force. All you did was talk about producers, owners and big business, but not once about the workers and means to protect them.”


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