The Mike South Begging Campaign Has Begun With A Special Twist

Monica Foster

Mike South aka Michael Strother‘s begging campaign for $20,000 is off and running. He calls it his “Defense fund” and claims the funds will be used to hire an attorney for his upcoming lawsuit. Just over $200 has been raised as of this writing.

In an interesting twist, one of the first donations was from none other than Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster who has spent hundreds of dollars and time over the years on domains to shame her foes. The purpose of the donation appears to be nothing more than a way to allow her to leave a bitter comment on the campaign page which will be buried once South’s fan bois pour in and start donating. Mayers writes:

Back in 2014 when porn & organized crime attorney Marc Randazza sued me frivolously and fraudulently I never requested one dime of support to fight my lawsuit. I filed “in forma pauperis” and represented myself in court. To this day I still refrain from asking for financial assistance to fight my legal battle… however I don’t expect you to be one bit like me – you are an entirely different breed. Unlike how you openly admitted to withholding information about my lawsuit that COULD HAVE helped me, I won’t withhold the only help I can afford to give you today.

Prediction: South is a master manipulator and will raise several thousand dollars through this fund but will fall well short of the goal. We will guess, $5-6,000 before it’s all said and done.

$13 is not much especially considering the massive amount of six figure debt she is in but to put it in perspective, Ms. Mayers would have to do about a 6 minute humiliating, degrading nude web cam show to make that. That must be very hard for her in this day and age as most probably give her 3 minutes at the most before leaving the room disappointed and without saying thank you or goodbye and leaving her alone, nude and ashamed.

When you add up all the money she wastes on unnecessary items such as cigarettes, alcohol, domain names and now this donation, she would be able to save up a decent chunk if she refrained from these bad choices for about a year. But she just can’t do it and remains her own worst enemy.


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