The Monica Foster Files #2: feeling sick as a dog and puking my brains out

Monica Foster

Monica Foster is a lush. I think that doesn’t really surprise anyone to find that out. She likes to pretend she’s all high and mighty, but in reality she’s just a lush who likes to hang out at titty bars.

Here’s yet another diary entry where she talks about just that.

Could all those years of drinking be what caused her to go bat shit fucking crazy?

July 29, 2007

I wasn’t going to go out last night, but I did, and I’m glad, and I had a ton of fun.
I actually wound up going out with a guy I used to date, I was kinda hesitant because I don’t make a habit of going out with or making friends with old flames, but in this situation I do feel a friendship may be possible.
The night started out kind of shitty, because on my way to meet up with him, I realized I’d forgotten my cellphone so I couldn’t get directions to his place. After about an hour, I finally was able to get into my cellphone voicemail remotely and get his number so I wound up meeting with him and his friends over at the HardRock casino.
The fuckin Hardrock. Usually I avoid that place at ALL COSTS but since this was a last minute night out, there weren’t many other options.


I had a pretty good time. Great drinks, met some new people, bumped into some old aquaintances and at the end of the night hit up a local strip club, Scarlett’s, for even more drinks.
I paid for all thee drinking today by feeling sick as a dog and puking my brains out BUT it was worth it. 1 day a week of drinking is good for the soul :)


Scarlett’s Cabaret, Hallandale, FL


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