“The Monica Foster Files,” a new series here on Adultfyi.com!

Monica Foster began blogging way back in 2007 and with the help of these archives, we will start a new series here on Adultfyi.com that will document her unfortunate life over the past decade. This series will cover the ups and downs and ins and outs of the life of a black prostitute. We will discuss her bad habits, relationships, “career” and much more. We will document her entire downward spiral into homelessness, herpes and $167,000 in debt. It should be interesting and a lot of fun. So without further ado, we take you back to what is believed to be one of the very first online suicide threats by a then 28 year old Alexandra Melody Mayers.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is a very personal posting but what the fuck, I’m drunk and I doubt anyone important or noteworthy reads this so who cares.
I’m a nicotine junkie. I’m still free of the drug but tonight after drinking some wine I got desperate and actually rummaged through all my trash to try to find a cigerette. I didn’t and coudln’t find one so I’m still smoke free and I’m happy for that, yet I’m depressed.
I’m so alone. Sometimes I feel like killing myself. My parents are so ashamed of me cause I’m naked online, even though it’s how I earn a living. My sister doesn’t really speak to me anymore. I know she’s busy with her kid but she could call but she doesn’t. Sometimes I just want to die. No one loves me. No one ever has.
I don’t feel sorry for myself. just very alone.
anyways i’m going to try my best to just keep going with my personal projects as trivial and insiginificant as they may be.

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