The Monica Foster Files continues at long last!


Back by popular demand we present the 20th installment of the popular series THE MONICA FOSTER FILES featuring actual blog posts pulled from Ms. Foster’s 10 year old blog. It is a fascinating look into the failure that is her life and times. So without further ado, off we go!

Monica Foster Files #20: Too poor to even get an AIM test!

Well, though I didn’t do as many webcam shows as I’d have liked to, I still had a very productive weekend.

Beginning Friday, my fantastic boyfriend made a KILLER new intro video for my website. I can’t wait to upload the footage to my editing computer to edit/compile it. I think that some of that footage will be included in the launch of my store.

This economy is soooooo horrible and truthfully, being that I’m an adult industry performer who doesn’t go beyond “B/G” work, probably doesn’t help. Considering that I’ve done under 40 scenes I see no reason to expand my “menu” of what I’m available for. I don’t fault my agency at all – they seem to try and their new asst. agent who’s from one of the largest adult agencies really seems to be on the ball.

I’m simply one of those “porn bitches” who thinks their shit doesn’t stink (it does but I won’t admit it) and who feels she should get the same rate as the white girls. When I see white women who’s body’s aren’t half as good as mine getting more than 3 times the work as myself, I simply don’t feel like even bothering, and I’ll tell you this, when my test expires 5 days from now, if I haven’t had a shoot I will not be re-testing anytime soon because I don’t have $120 to just fork over to AIM without a guaranteed return on my “test investment”.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just have beef with the white porn bitches – many black, latin and asian porn bitches are fucking over women like me too by doing scenes for $500 and lower. How is ANY woman who halfway values herself in the biz supposed to get work at a decent rate when you have this cut rate shit going on?!?!?!


On another note, tomorrow my dog Panda will be getting a bath and a much needed haircut. Right now she looks like a wookie – which is cute but probably not the healthiest state for her to be in.

Los Angeles is cold – both in attitude and climate. I’m from Florida and am tropical and warm blooded and hearted by nature. I am beginning to feel as dead as the plants and grass around me.

Today I received yet another email from this character in the porn industry named Donnie Long who I haven’t met but I’ve heard more than my fair share about. Apparently this man has created a site called – now I’m all about there being online job databases for every industry, BUT here’s the problem. This man is obviously trying to undercut the adult agencies and/or cut the adult agencies out of the picture completely. This is not good or right for agencies or people like me who have an agency.

I feel it’s fairly important to have an agent/agency in this industry of some sort, at least when you’re new because the agency/agent acts as a “filter” to screen out the psychos and fake or unreputable studios that may try to contact a talent. They also ensure that if something isn’t right when you arrive at a shoot, it is made right – otherwise they will at least ATTEMPT to get a cancellation fee.

Now if you’re someone like Sunny Leone, or Brianna Banks or Tera Patrick, of course you’re on a level of which you don’t need an agent really, but someone like me does. If porn studios stop using agencies that leaves me and other professionals like me up the creek.

I suppose I’d give this Donnie Long’s site a chance if there wasn’t so much negativity encircling him, however a few months back he really drug another talent’s (who’s with my agency) name through the mud, and needlessly so, which really affected her bookability and peace of mind. Anyone who attacks this weak and defenseless just for attention/publicity isn’t OK in my book at all. Also I feel he targeted this young woman because she’s a woman of color and he knew he could get away with it being that though we’re in 2009 the adult industry is indeed very racist.

Oh, “the industry is NOT racist” – you might argue? Well then how come when a white woman does a black guy it’s such a big deal and her first “interracial” yet when I do a white, latin, or asian guy (though I’ve never had an asian guy) it’s not? Also why are black women always pressured into doing ANAL (which I decided from the beginning is totally off limits for me) where as white women are not? Also where the fuck are the BLACK CONTRACT STARS?!?!??!?! There hasn’t been one since HEATHER HUNTER! Why is my look to ETHNIC for Suze Randall’s clients?!??!! was a website I DREAMED of shooting for – I’d rather hear that I’m TOO OLD OR TOO UGLY over being TOO ETHNIC. Until I have an answer to these questions I will not shut up about RACISM IN THE PORN WORLD – just take a look at a forum called – these are industry pros and if you read some of the threads and see how racial slurs are thrown you’ll see just what I mean.

Interesting how a black woman is good enough to be first lady of our freakin country but not good enough for a major porn label to promote. Oh well, goes to show I’ve made yet another stupid life decision.

Speaking of the first lady – what the hell is Obama doing wasting his time going on a late night talk show. Considering all the time (and wasted secret service dollars) that went into the trip to the show, the prep for the show, etc – couldn’t Obama have been on the Leno show remotely via webcam? Do we NOT HAVE THE FUCKING TECHNOLOGY? Also shouldn’t he be spending EVERY WAKING MOMENT on fixing the damn ECONOMY that he ran his mouth about having a plan for rather than trying to be young and hip (and coming off as thoughtless and arrogant) on a damn ENTERTAINMENT TALK SHOW? I’m starting to get pissed beyond belief.

Well my broke and weak and I suppose pathetic overly ethnic black ass better get back to my cam shows before I’m entirely defenseless and homeless as well. See you online peeps.



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