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The Most Beautiful Tranny…in the World

Las Vegas- When in Vegas the options are almost overwhelming- go to the casino, go to the Tranny Beauty contest –

But at the Riviera Convention Center today, tomorrow and Saturday, the world’s most beautiful chicks with dicks are vying to see who can outdo one another in swimming wear, evening gown and talent competitions. Oh yes, this is a legit event and among the judges is Chyna, formerly with the WWE.

Some of the contestants competing are Cassandra Cass, Mimi Marks, Ruby Kay, Susan B. Whitney, Danielle Hunter,Kayla, Nicole Xtravaganza, Erica Andrews, Dorae Saundres, Cezanne, CoCo Van Cartier, Tara Willow Deasy, Kristina Marie, Lana Blake, Tamalah Taylor, Victoria Parker, Vi, Lucy Marie Pereyra, Milissa Ravin, Montana Navarre, Venus Envy, Ireen Sue, Delilah Paris, Maria Roman, Tiffany Pagie, Jurnee Abigail and Sonovia

In fact Chyna, who’s now going under the name Chyna Doll, was on Howard Stern today touting the event. And if you heard that interview you’d have to agree there was more ADD in that room than a convention full of porn stars.

In one of her moments of clarity, Chyna mentioned that she had done her equivalent of a celebrity porn movie with her boyfriend Sean and was thinking about releasing it. But when Stern began questioning her if she sucked his cock and got on all fours Chyna started getting irritated and said she might get sued if she said too much about the tape. Under questioning, she did, however, say that no condoms were used. It was also mentioned that Chyna’s been hanging out a lot with Tabitha Stevens so that might be a clue as to why she did the tape.

Staying off the beaten path, the Riviera brings you The World’s Most Beautiful Transsexual Contest, and again, if you have to ask, you probably should stick to the local pool hall and order up another Bud draft (July 22-24



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