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The Notorious Dolly Buster

Nicknamed “Dolly” after the American country singer by her husband and one-time manager Dino Baumberger, Dolly Buster is a legendary icon throughout Europe.

Originally from Prague, the Czech beauty is now a German citizen, and has moved from her prominent position in front of the camera to a more influential position behind it.

Her list of accomplishments encompasses numerous professions including actress, director, talk-show host, writer, painter, politician and producer.

She owns several of her own sex shops, which are made all the more interesting because they employ retired porn stars, and she has published two books. She is highly sought after to attend public functions throughout Europe, due to her glamorous position as “promi” (celebrity).

Her Studio, DBM (Dolly Buster Movies) turns out both straight and gay titles featuring hard-core sex with a German flavor that dominate the market both in and out of Europe. AEBN’s International Press Representative Eva provides us with a glimpse into the mind of a woman who is so much more than her name implies. When this doll speaks, we pay attention.

Eva: Describe yourself.

Dolly: Surprise package.

Eva: What was your life like before you moved to Germany?

Dolly: Until the age of 14 I lived in Praque. The country was communist after that.

Eva: Are you planning to be politically active again?

Dolly: Nein.

Eva: What would you change if you were in politics?

Dolly: Tax law.

Eva: You have worked with people from all around the world. Were people from other countries different when it came to sex?

Dolly: Sex only has one language.

Eva: You are a straight woman who produces gay movies. How did you know what would work?

Dolly: A lot of my friends are gay. One of them directs.

Eva: What does a woman in the sex industry have to do to survive?

Dolly: She has to be true to herself.

Eva: Do you think that a career in the adult industry can increase a woman’s self-confidence?

Dolly: No, confidence is something that one has to bring.

Eva: What advice would you give a woman who wants to get into the business?

Dolly: Look at this job as a part-time job, never as a full-time job.

Eva: If you could be reborn, who would you like to be and why?

Dolly: Actually I would like to be me again. I am satisfied with myself. But under no circumstances a man.

Eva: If you could do anything, what would it be?

Dolly: I would save the lives of sick animals.

Eva: What is your motto?

Dolly: Life is a joke- one just needs to recognize the points.

Eva: What is your most important accomplishment?

Dolly: The future.

Eva: What would you like the public to know about you that they do not know already?

Dolly: Actually I have said everything except that I am “blaubluetig” (Czech nobility).

Eva: How do people in your hometown of Wesel treat you?

Dolly: With respect and requests for autographs.

Eva: Do you think that your current status as “promi” (celebrity) has to do with your past as a porn star or with your current activities?

Dolly: Without the career in the erotic-biz people would not know me, but with my constant media presence I maintain my “promi status”.

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