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The Pamela Anderson Tape: It Was Uncle Miltie All Along- update

Porn Valley- I had a chat with writer Bob Ellison. Ellison covered the adult industry for many years often writing under the name Dix Handley- Sterlinmg Hayden’s character in the film, Asphalt Jungle

Those who remember Ellison recall him as the guy in the baseball cap gnawing on a toothpick in Jim South’s office. He got most of his interviews just hanging at World Modeling.

What caught Ellison’s eye was the Steve Hirsch interview with Adam Carolla posted on this site., particularly the reference to the Pamela Anderson tape and its suspicious genealogy. Ellison says the late Milt Ingley, “Uncle Miltie” [pictured] was responsible for acquring the tape and told him so in an interview which was subsequently posted on E! Online.

“The thing that cracked me up about the Adam Carolla-Steve Hirsch thing is that Bonaduce jumps in; they don’t know the factual story about Pamela Anderson,” Ellison says.

“You may be one of the few people who really know the ins and outs of that,” I tell Ellison.

“I got it on tape,” Ellison states. “I was with Milton when he edited the goddamn thing. It was all taped with his permission. It ran on E! for a year. And E! Online is heavily owned by Disney and the way I handled the story is with humor and Kevin and Bean wound up reading it on the air. They gave full credit to the site- my name and even Leno picked up a piece of it. I had a lot of fun with it.”

“Did Milton take full responsibility for that?”

“Absolutely,” states Ellison. “Rand was mentioned.”

“At the time I had discussions with Milton, I was with AVN. And there was just a lot of things I could never write about. And that was one of them. I remember Milton telling me he had this deal in the works that was going to set him up for life. That’s how he worded it. But he never really sat down and gave me the full details. I would get bits and pieces of it including Rand Gautier’s involvement, that Rand supposedly broke into her safe.”

Here’s the skinny,” says Ellison. “We’re all having certain karma. I had known Milton for ten years at least prior to that caper. I had written about him and always with a Damon Runyan tone to it. He was a Runyanesque guy and very funny. I ran into him on a Thursday, he goes, hey want a scoop? So he tells me he’s going to be doing the final edit on the tape and would I want to come over to the studio- that was the place off Chandler. He edited the tape down from three hours and said I’m leaving Saturday for Amsterdam. We put the story up, and the editor of E! Online was Lou Harris who had formerly run Los Angeles Magazine and had formerly been with the Chicago Tribune when I was back there.

“We put the story up and suddenly her lawyers called- they wanted it taken down. They said take the url off- it told where people could order it for $100. Harris said no way, it substantiates the reality of the story. It stayed up for a year- it was getting those kinds of hits.”

Ellison who’s not that involved in the business much any more just found my site and heard about Ron Jeremy’s book because of it.

“Ronnie called me back and he’s on the road,” says Ellison.

I tell Ellision, my opinion for what it’s worth, is that it’s the best book to come out so far about the industry.

“Ronnie told me he wasn’t going to burn anybody,” continues Ellison. “But the key thing I’ve always enjoyed about him – I find him a true original. There’s nobody like him and he’s basically a good-hearted guy. He has his flaws. I don’t want to eat dinner with him again. He’ll eat the food right off your plate. He’s basically what we call a mensch, and I’m happy for him on the thing. He’s enjoying the promotion, too, by the way. I mentioned a couple of things to him that I remember vividly and he cracked up. The San Diego- pop [Jeremy’s police bust]. He said, that’s in the book.”


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