The sale of PWL is what finally rid us of Alexandra Melody Mayers and Edward Bernard Przydzial

Eddie is a simple man. He just wanted his PWL wiki down and gone and now that this has happened, he has resumed his directionless life and is off doing whatever an old music groupie and stalker does. We will most likely never hear from Eddie again. That chapter has closed. He can go pretend that he once performed on screen in porn even though he has no iafd profile.

Alexandra Mayers is a much more complicated case. Mayers isn’t happy that her wiki is down because she is never happy. Can’t be achieved. She wanted heads to roll. She is very vindictive. She wanted lives ruined and prison sentences served. She wanted to be the hero that took down PWL. None of that happened. Instead, someone got rich by selling her information and the information of thousands of other performers. It’s a tough pill to swallow for a 40 year old living in their mother’s house but it is what it is.


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