The Spiegler Files: Highest Rates My Ass! ANOTHER LIE!!!!!!!!

The girls who work for Mark Spielger love to brag about how they get the highest rates in the business. But the reality is, they are often times paid significantly lower than their counterparts who work with other agents.

Mark Spiegler doesn’t care which hole it goes in. Sex is sex to him so he doesn’t charge producers any more for anal than he does a regular boy/girl. He also doesn’t charge more for interracial.

Even if you could try and justify that, his girls are still sometimes only getting as low as $400 and $500 for a scene.

Mark Spiegler gets the highest rates for his girls? MY ASS.

Ain’t no top bitch at other agencies getting $400 or $500 for anal.

Fuck they aren’t even doing b/g for that shit.

Most girls in LA get $600 to $800 minimum of a boy/girl and the higher end girls get $1,200 to $2,000.

Mark Spiegler is not booking the top rates. If any girl falls for that bullshit then their dumb ass deserves to get scammed by him.



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