Think Nina Hartley is Smart? You Won’t After Reading This; “Her ignorant stance in the Condom Debate”

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For years- it seems almost like centuries- Nina Hartley has been held up as the beacon of intellect in the adult business. Rob Black ended that notion after an hour of dissecting the flaws in an article Hartley wrote this week about condoms.

“She was in my father and uncle’s first porn movies,” Black explained.

“I picked her up at airports and took her to autograph signings. I’ve known her a long time, and she’s very intelligent and very political. Which is fine. At one time she was pro-condom and part of an organization that was very pro-condom.

“Nina knows both sides. When we had the HIV outbreak in 1997, she was the biggest voice in the business to go condoms. She preached it and preached it. She eventually succumbed to pressure and became part of a group of older film actors that educated the girls with seminars.

“They did a lot of stuff that I talk about doing,” muses Black. “She’s also part of the appeal in the 2257 case.

“Nina is getting taken care of,” Black points out, meaning that Hartley is probably being paid by Free Speech to do its dirty work for them.

“She [Hartley] had a fund raiser to get a cyst removed, so I guess Free Speech is taking care of her, and Nina Hartley is taking a very ignorant stance in the condom debate. She is comparing ourselves, as if we were a legitimate industry and controlled by legitimacy, to other industries like logging, roofing and farming.

“When she goes through all the industry protocols and testing- a lot of this stuff you can’t argue. My point has been about condoms together with testing, and why is this something Nina Hartley is distorting?

“When she brings up these legitimate industries, you do know they are either controlled by the government or a union where peoples’ safety is paramount and everyone’s doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

“Nina Hartley eliminates that from her statements. The Hartley camp would lose every time in this argument because even Nina knows that’s it’s hard to create an entirely safe system. But she’s saying it’s either testing and no condoms or hopes that everyone has a good private life. If you’re talking about safety why is it one or the other and not both [testing and condoms]?

“Nina is comparing a porn actor’s safety to a government construction company funded to build roads and highways where employees have insurance and benefits. She compares porn to farming which gets millions of dollars in subsidies. You’re going to compare a farming death to porn? Can you believe she has the balls to compare porn to truck driving which is controlled by the Teamsters?

“The truck driving industry became safe because people had to regulate it, because truck drivers would be driving unregulated hours. Are you talking about illegal aliens who are doing slave labor? No. Nina Hartley, guess what- truck drivers need special licenses- you are so ignorant beyond belief.

“You are ignorant because you are paid to be ignorant, because five years ago you had to beg for money to have a tumor removed. You talk about garbage companies which are unionized with retirement plans and benefits. Our business, you can’t even wear a condom. A girl can’t refuse scenes.

“How can you shill when you know the truth? She compares this business to aircraft piloting- want to name the airlines that are unionized and have walk outs? Can you fly an airplane without a license? Are you that ignorant? Why would you talk about health and testing protocols and leave out condoms? But our industry is safer than these ten industries you mentioned?

“Nina Hartley- I think she sat up and watched National Geographic that showed the dangerous fishing show. ‘Oh, here’s a dangerous job- they don’t have a union.’ Aircraft piloting- air traffic controllers, they’re regulated. They’re the ones that make sure planes don’t crash into one another.

“She talks like this is 1960, and we’re walking around with black lung. Are you fucking for real that you would compare us to a coal miner? That industry has gone through regulation.

“Most of these concepts are government institutions,” Black points out.

“They’re unionized and set up within the framework of a system. She compares our safety record to that! She sits there and talks about the most ‘retardedest’ things. There’s not one of those industries that would fight about safety structure, but that’s what our business does.

“You’re talking about Nina Hartley saying things that are so unbelievably false and no one will talk against her. Nina Hartley and Ernest Green are the shooting experts of condoms. I didn’t know that he and Nina Hartley have shot thousands of condom movies to know that when a condom breaks a friction burn is so severe.

“I take it that every Wicked performer’s pussy is very raw. But you never hear that from Wicked. But all Wicked wants to talk about is that I’m a bad man who says bad things. Wicked has been shooting condom for a decade, but no one has heard them talk about it.

“Nina Hartley doesn’t seem to be talking about Wicked so when she talks about all these things that are bad with condoms, nobody will say, well, what about Wicked? Nobody will say that, and I’m not sure why. Nobody wants to challenge her on roofing and farming. Do you realize that the farmers alone have some of the biggest lobbying power in the government? They get billions of dollars in subsidies. Get out of here, Nina, what are you, stupid?

“When they’re building the New World Trade Center- you’re talking about people walking around with no safety mechanism. ‘Bob where’s your hard hat? Don’t need it, baby.’

“Nina, what are you, insane? And I like the way she calls them ‘trades’. You know what a trade is? When I was in high school you went to trade school to become a plumber. It’s a vocational school. I didn’t know aircraft piloting was a trade. If I knew, I could go to trade school to be an airplane pilot, I would have been there. I never knew there was a trade school for truck driving. Call the brotherhood of Teamsters and ask them about their truck drivers.

“Just the fact that you have to get a license in a different way to be a truck driver- all these things she’s talking about you need a license. Logging? License. You’re cutting down forests. Recycling? License. Roofing? License. You have to get permits from a city.

“Structural iron and steel work? License. Iron workers union. There’s actually an iron workers’ union. Construction? We know all the licensing you have to go through in construction. Farmer? You can’t just say you’re a farmer. You got to get a whole lot of paperwork to get subsidies. Mining? I don’t know about a license, but if you roll into a place and want to be a miner there’s a process where they don’t let any jackoff off the street have a pick.

“So this is what Nina and Ira came up with. ‘And since we’re the heartbeat of condoms, let’s talk about it.’

“But how to do you explain that Wicked has shot thousands of scenes and there’s no chafed, infected pussies? All this chafing and all these infections with condoms never seems to happen with any girl who worked for Wicked, but I would love to hear how they’re raw, chafed and infected.

“I want to hear about all the famous porn stars who have been raw, chafed and infected. I hear that it’s nobody because it’s all bullshit. If anyone believes any of the bullshit that Nina Hartley is telling you, you need to check yourself into a clinic and see if you are smart enough to operate heavy machinery.

“She talks about how hard it is to shoot a scene with a condom, but Wicked has been doing this for a decade. Do you understand that this industry is arguing bullshit? Our business has always been Republicans cloaked as Democrats around the Free Speech issue. It’s all about money.

“Listen to Nina Hartley talking about how hard it is to shoot a scene, but Wicked down the street has been doing this over a decade and making money with people having over six figure incomes. But Nina Hartley pretends they don’t exist.

“Where does Nina Hartley get off talking like this about sore pussies? Is this what Wicked has been battling? You’ve never heard a girl talk about her stretched, bloody vagina walking off a two hour scene bowlegged. Wicked must have the greatest omerta and should be the next big mafia organization.

“Nina Hartley wants you to believe a lie, and they need to sell you a lie where you pay over $300 a month for a test and you will buy this lie because she’s a nurse and that makes her a genius. And she’s not been a practicing nurse in a long time and works for the Free Speech Coalition and is talking money from them.

“In a million years you can’t accept anything she says. Nina Hartley wants to tell you lies because she’s being paid to tell you lies.

“Someone needs to point out to Ms. Hartley that Wicked Pictures defies every single argument she makes about condoms. End of story. At the end of her long winded spiel, she does a whole Aids Healthcare Foundation discussion and says look where all the debate is coming from- AHF because they’re in the condom business. You have Nina Hartley lying.

“If your thing is that the Aids Healthcare Foundation is making money, it’s quite funny and amazing that we listen to people talk about how this bogeyman got AIM closed.

“Nobody address this- if you look at who AIM owes money to, it shows lab people owed half a million. How did AHF put them out of business? Is Nina Hartley willing to answer that question? If AHF put AIM out of business with lawsuits, how is it AIM owed over a half million to testing clinics which means that half a million did not go to pay testing which means a half million vanished in this air.

“Once again Nina Hartley does not want to address this when she accuses who’s in it for money. Because if everybody’s beef is with AHF and the fact they’re going to make money with condoms, why doesn’t the industry do the same thing? If we’re saying there’s millions to be made, why do we not do exactly what they’re doing? If Nina Hartley can point to all this, then why are we not doing it? I would like to know.

“The Aids Healthcare Foundation is making deals with Pfizer [for $5 million]. So our industry is so stupid that they’re still battling with the government in a fight they can’t win, and we try to do a 2257 and the government says you lose there. We never negotiate, we never do anything. You have Paul Cambria running a shill lawyer game.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had someone in our business go to companies dealing in the sex business. Can you imagine if we got five million where that would go? In Diane Duke and Christian Mann’s pocket.

“Do you guys believe that? Nina Hartley is criticizing a non-profit organization [AHF] that gives medicine for free. Cameron Bay and Josh [Rod Daily] are going to get treatment for free because AHF fucked with Pfizer on a lawsuit and Pfizer paid them $5 million and AHF is giving Cameron Bay and Josh medical treatment for free.

“Nina Hartley is jealous, but why don’t you get upset at Diane Duke and Christian Mann and people who put us where we are.

“In our business we market everything known to man, to better tickle your ass with a feather, but the one thing we never marketed was condoms. Nobody ever said let’s have porn stars do PSA’s and go after the condom market which is socially acceptable. You can market a rubber fist, but when someone says market a condom- you go, what are you, fucking nuts?

“Are you all fucking delusional? [Black also talked about the scam where people in the adult industry pay someone to write take-down letters to tube sites].

“Our business is not pro-active,” Black pointed out.

“We wait until we’re dead. You know how much money is out their in government grants and funding? The Free Speech Coalition has a lobbying wing in Sacramento, so Free Speech sits there and has events at bowling events with escorts. People are giving blowjobs in bath rooms.

“You people are so fucking ignorant. Diane Duke has a lobbyist- except they go to Sacramento and speak against the very talent that are doing bowling events and giving blowjobs while Diane Duke divides the money with Derek Hay in a bathroom.

Reshape our business with licensing deals from Pfizer and lets’ get rid of Manwin. Instead, let’s fucking bowl and say Rob Black is a moron and doesn’t know shit. Let’s have Nina Hartley talk about chafed vaginas and guys who fly airplanes. And I’m a moron?

“People on the outside look at you and say your business deserved to go out a long time ago. You people are so stupid.

“Nina Hartley, what you talk about is bullshit. You’re a shill and who’s calling you to book you for scenes? There’s 23 years old girls that look like Barbies and are lucky if they work once a week. Who the fuck is beating down your door when you talk about your safety?

“You’re in your late Fifties. You need to be thinking about the young people in the business. You’ve sold your soul; and you’re saying lies and bullshit that you know is bullshit. It’s condoms and testing. End of story.

“If our business would smarten up, things would change. Michael Weinstein can bring in $5M deals.”


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