This is what Identity theft means, Monica Foster

Monica Foster continues to cry that her identity was stolen and she’s the victim of identity theft. This stupid bitch, who is desperate for attention and to pass herself off as being a victim, went as far as filing an idiotic pleading to the court in the lawsuit against her stating this.

Monica Foster, who willingly handed over her SSN card and her Florida state drivers license to porn producers to get work, has been crying about identity theft ever since. Of course she adds in that she didn’t consent to having her ID placed in a blog about her, yet she ignores people’s rights who don’t consent for her to use their pictures for her defaming blogs and YouTube vids.

Well Foster, this meaning of identity theft came from a cyber security website. Now, choke on it you retarded and intellectually challenged bitch!




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  1. No one “stole” anything. As the article states, she gave it up voluntarily and it ended up on the net – That was HER choice. Also, unless someone tried to open a line of credit using her name, it’s not ID theft.

    Keep playing up that victim card, dear.

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