This is what Monica Foster’s holidays looked like

Monica Foster

The holidays are over and by occasionally checking her Streamate page we were able to determine that Monica Foster spent Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Eve and New Years morning fiddling and diddling herself for lonely perverts via web cam. Now, keep in mind that she not only told Donny Long during their epic phone war that she “Hasn’t been on web cam in YEARS” and “No longer goes by the name Monica Foster” but that she bragged over Thanksgiving that she was “With family and friends his holiday” – This was Thanksgiving eve night and she was doing a live web cast for 3 of her fans. The other 7 of her fans couldn’t make it.

To make matters worse, she is losing Twitter followers. She purchased a package of around 12,000 or so followers and has accumulated just shy of 2,000 on her own, give or take a few hundred. The number, which didn’t change for years, is now going down in light of her legal troubles, racism and after she decided to lock down her feed and go private some time ago ahead of her March 7th court date where we expect her to lose badly to attorney Marc Randazza who has been on her like white on rice ever since she libeled and slandered Mr. Randazza’s wife. The situation won’t get better for her and we can’t wait until next year’s holiday season when she likely will have lost all her sites and probably her Twitter feeds. Could Mr. Randazza boot her from the net entirely and rob her of her cam whoring? legal analyst @blue_balled will be in the courtroom March 7 and reports that it may get very ugly for Ms. Foster. Stay tuned.



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  1. Monica Foster uses Streammate to prostitute herself, yet Streammate sponsors the AEE/AVN/& other porn events. Her hypocrisy and her double standards are truly amusing! She’s a fucking idiot.

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