This is what Monica Foster’s taste in “men” has fallen to

Monica Foster prefers and is attracted to white homosexual men and tweets pictures like this often:

But this is what she must settle for in the year 2016:

Back when Foster was young, she used to make fun of porn industry people that were male, over 40 and if they had any type of hair loss, she’d really have a field day with it as she has made it known that she hates bald/balding men even as her father is bald as an 8 ball. Well, her requirements have fallen quite a bit over the years as she nears the big 4-0 and has hit the wall hard in recent times. Her new BFF is near 50, balding badly has a criminal history a mile long, is a porn addict fanboi and has many half black kids from many different women – Remember, she has always prided herself on having no criminal or arrest history (Although a summary judgement against her to the tune of $167k doesn’t look good on her), a rarity in the porn industry. Well, here he is in all his balding glory:

Sean Spiegler fagkins hairline is completely gone and this is emphasized under the lighting here. Remember that he always claimed Donny Long was balding because Long has an adult hairline now, which is true of any man over the age of 30.

We can’t wait until these two hook up in real life and the inevitable physical abuse begins. Hit her hard for us, Sean. Maybe you’ll beat the shit out of her and get thrown in the clink like Jewacre aka Fagacre aka Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre. Two birds with one stone.



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