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Thoughts Over a Second Labor Day’s Cup of Coffee: Ron Jeremy Espouses Jesus But Has Little Regard for Performer Safety

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I don’t know if you read these articles about the XXX Church, but one thing is pretty obvious. Craig Gross [pictured right with Ron Jeremy], the head guy, has a good PR ambassador.

I know that Susannah Breslin the former Playboy Channel chick who writes for Forbes commented one time that Gross comes from a family of mega-money. And I wish I could find that quote because that would explain a lot about where the XXX Church’s funds come from. Either way, Gross’ enterprise is always in the news.

Like when Jenna Presley dumped porn and came over to the side of the good and just.

I was the first in porn to interview Presley. It was over at Skeeter Kerkove’s house and I remember all the stories about her over the years- that she supposedly had epilepsy, how she went on Howard Stern and bragged that she made $2,000 an hour hooking; how when Shawna Lenee her roommate put it out there that Presley had been confined in a mental hospital. Consider that source. Then there was the time Presley married Travis who was the PR guy over at Zero Tolerance.

The recent headlines were all about how Presley had found Jesus in the arms of the XXX Church. I only bring this up because only a few months ago ABC News did a piece on Gross who’s surgically attached at the hip to Ron Jeremy. They debate the pros and cons of porn around the country. And I always wondered who footed that bill.

The ABC story was about how Jeremy after experiencing a close brush with death had found Jesus. You think I’m making this up?

“I think to me the message of Jesus unites, it doesn’t divide,” Jeremy told ABC News.

Beautiful sentiments, and I don’t put anyone down for expressing them as long as they’re genuine, but something rings hollow about this.

Then we just had another Craig Gross-Ron Jeremy Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid profile.

Gross hints around that Jeremy might leave porn. No pun intended, but fat chance.

Jeremy can give ABC News a whole Fred Astaire song and dance if he wants, but I think the porn guy in him crept to the surface during the story involving Sydney Leathers.

Leathers, you’ll recall, did a celebrity sex tape and worked with Xander Corvus who in turn had worked with Cameron Bay. Leathers got freaked out that she might have contracted HIV. She tested and re-tested then announced to the press- what only a sane person might conclude- that you had better use condoms.

So what does XXX Ron do? He says this:

“No disrespect to her [Leathers], but I think maybe she’s feeling bad now that she made a porn movie and she wants to be an advocate for something. She’s not doing this on behalf of all her sisters.”

[Where does Jeremy come off questioning someone’s motives when he manipulates the press as audaciously as he does.]

Jeremy also said in that statement: “The bottom line is that consumers don’t want to see condoms in their pornography — so adding them to U.S. productions will give overseas porn producers a leg up.”

Jeremy added that the recent industry moratorium caused by Bay’s diagnosis proved that routine testing works.

“That shows exactly that it’s working,” Jeremy said, referring to the weeklong ban and its focus on follow-up testing and investigation.

“I know it’s not 100% foolproof, but if you think condoms are the answer, you’re willing to put people out of business.”

Last time I checked, when you embrace the Lord, you don’t embrace the bottom line. But even in the light of all the evidence that Diane Duke and Free Speech totally screwed up by lifting said moratorium, Jeremy continues with this cockeyed philosophy that threatens the health and well-being of his brother performers.

I guess the near-death experience wasn’t near enough to shake some sense into him.


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