Thoughts Over The Evening’s Frangelico: Xander Corvus May Not Be Out of the Woods

from the The San Francisco AIDS Foundations Website,

“There’s a period of time after a person is infected during which they won’t test positive. This is called the “hiv window period,” and can be from 9 days to 3-6 months, depending on the person’s body and on the HIV-test that’s used.

“During that time, you can test HIV negative even though you’re HIV infected.

“You can still catch HIV from someone who is in the window period. If you suspect that you’ve been exposed recently, make that very clear to the HIV test counselor.”


Me and my theories, and this one I think makes sense. Cameron Bay had tested negative when she worked with Xander Corvus July 31st. It’s now revealed that Corvus cut his dick on her back teeth during a blow job in that July 31 shoot for Days after that scene Bay tests positive.

Who’s to say that Corvus didn’t give HIV to Cameron Bay on that shoot given the circumstances that he cut his dick [allegedly]? Corvus went to AVN several days after that Public Disgrace shoot with a negative test and made that asinine statement about a birdie dropping HIV on Cameron.

Think about this. If what the website said is true, Corvus could be nurturing the HIV virus which has yet to show in his system. It’s possible. It’s also possible he may yet test HIV positive in November or February. Maybe, maybe not, but for the industry to have been in a hurry to drop moratoriums is totally irresponsible and dangerous. Anyway you look at it, this is on Diane Duke.


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