Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: And She Swallows, Too

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Whether it’s a Richard Nanula shakedown escort scam or HIV [two of their girls tested positive], the ATMLA girls are the vanguard of what’s happening in porn.

Take the latest example of unparalleled wisdom wrapped in an enigma which is today’s porn chick. We have Barrett Blade’s fiancée Jessa Rhodes making like a real Rhodes Scholar.

On August 22nd of this year Rhodes tweeted the following with obvious reference to Cameron Bay who worked for ATMLA: Jessa Rhodes XXX@JessaRhodesXXX: “Can’t we just shoot these HIV fuckers? They’re gonna die anyway. Seriously way to fuck it up for the people who do their job responsibly.”

Surprisingly, that Tweet was taken down, why, I can’t fathom because it’s so brilliant in its simplicity. Talk about winning people to your side with compassion, tact and understanding.

The great Francois Clousot made a similar, conciliatory gesture to HIV performers in a Tweet earlier this month but elected to leave guns out.

Rhodes’ ATMLA profile tells us she’s 5’6, 120 pounds and has a shoe size, 6 ½, for all you wish-listers out there who want to send Rhodes pairs of cute and cuddly bunny shoes next time she wants to put her foot in her mouth.

I noticed that among her specialities Rhodes also does store signings. Right off the bat that tells us Rhodes can not only think with the best of ‘em, she can write. Or at least sign her name.

Another talent is smoking. I know. There are guys who get off on chicks lighting a Lucky, however the smell of nicotine and vaginosis was never one of my turn-ons, but to each his own.

Diversity obvious being her forte, Rhodes is also available for fashion shows. Tell ya what. When Gisele Bundchen shrinks five inches, starts taking it in the ass and sports biker tats, then we’ll talk.

I notice that among her initiatives, Rhodes also lists G/G interracial. Not just G/G, mind you, but specifically G/G interracial. I guess that would tell us Rhodes is a liberal Democrat but I’ll leave the parsing and break down to Rob Black who’s much better at that stuff than I.

Most importantly Rhodes swallows. In the scheme of things, it’s good to know that in the eating of crow, if you swallow the remains, more power to you. I’m sure Rhodes will keep that in mind next time she’s trashing one of her own.


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