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Tiffany Holiday Weighs in On Check Story

Tiffany Holiday posts: Hello this is tiffany holiday. i just read this posting and was fascinated to see how fast gossip travels in less then 48 hours and i would just like to comment on the situation so no one thinks I’m slandering them.

I know longer wanted to work for Derek. it Had been in my Head for about a month before any of this accrued. the reasons being he is not respectful of people and he always tries to belittle you and it is not something i think a business man should be doing.

while working for him I Had to deal with unnecessary verbal abuse from what i thought was a respectful business man in this industry. comments like “you stupid bitch” when he asked me to call a company i did there was no answer and bam he lays it on you. My job is stressful enough i have to be the best i can be on sets not worry what foul comments my agent with be throwing my way.

So this was coming for a while LA direct model have been telling many company’s that I have been fired. i walked in to quit March 10th in the evening time told Derek i wanted nothing to ever do with him again and i wanted my money he was holding. he said No you have to pay Shy Love the 1200 no show fee for not doing the shoot the following day march 11 for adult told me i would have to pay for the locks on his house cause i could not find the single key in my bag went threw my bags in front of him. left his office to call the police, came back the next day with the police only Derek was not present for me to dispute the money of course.

as a business man he should have never mingled with my money saying we’ll hold on to it for safe keeping and when you need it come to me! I’m 19 years old no one can keep my money and try to REACTION OUT my hard earned money. i tried after my trip was done to leave la with my money Derek said no you may not take all you’re money i said how will i pay my bills. he didn’t care. out of the 5,000 he collected till then because most company’s are paytoll and take two weeks

i left with 162.00 that day shitty right then went back the next day to only leave with 500.00 for a plane ticket. shitty again getting higher though :). 3rd day left with 1800 only cause he collected more money. leaving with $5,000 still there and 4,000 still to collect. i was told if you leave with this money (my money) you will be driven to the house and then to the airport thinking this was ridiculous and just wanting to leave i left.

not knowing how i can make this man give me my money. returning to la ready to fuck on march 10 only to fill in for two girls from la directs crew that flaked on a shy love shoot to get a phone call at 11:30 go to shy loves at 1:30 i thought OK i wasn’t suppose to shoot but i did to help out shy because she’s a cool girl on filling in on her set would be cool. it was a first time shoot for us i never worked for her before. hey look what happens the day after i quit i called a producer from metro to get the number to metro to ask if my check was ready from two weeks ago. spoke to them explained the situation i spoke to accounting and the lady said yes you’re check was picked up yesterday ( the day i quit) by an la direct models employee.

I told them i didnt work for them anymore they weren’t suppose to bother with my belongings anymore. the lady called the back canceled the check and reissued it. then i get a phone call from a friend saying Derek put out a warrant for you’re arrest for forgery i said how is that i committed no crime the check was not cashed when metro called to stop payment. i found out later it was all a lie to scare me into bringing the check back. today march 13 i tailk.ed to Kevin around 11:30 la direct thinking I’m not following up told me they issued the warrant for check fraud on a check written to me because the check Had been cashed already and the money Had to be replace me knowing you cant put a stop payment on a check that Had already been cashed. duh I’m not stupid guys. metro warned the bank to look out for the check. Thankk you. LA direct disputed the issue saying they already payed me for the money when the driver only picked it up the 11th when i quit an la direct still Had my money funny lies.

the whole time la direct thought i was stupid. i seek ed advice from a fellow producer friend who knew what was right and wrong and helped me stop him from getting away with this.

SO PLEASE LA DIRECT ( DEREK HAY ) STOP SAYING YOU FIRED ME OR TELLING PRODUCERS THAT I JUST DIDNT WANNA WORK BECAUSE IT COULD BE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. I FIRED YOU. AGENTS WORK FOR TALENT NOT TALENT WORKS FOR AGENT. so to everyone out their please dont hold a disrespectful agent who knows it was wrong and slanders me. I still do a real fuck en good scene anyone can tell you that but you heard it straight from the nymphs mouth 🙂

Anyone Looking to Book me I’m always here and I’ll never let ya get limp



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