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Tight Fit’s Oren Cohen to JM Productions: You Don’t Shit Where You Eat

Porn Valley- I spoke to Tight Fit’s Oren Cohen Wednesday afternoon. Cohen is highly amused at the fallout created by JM shooting a reverse lesbian bukkake at his studio, but Cohen insists that Jim Powers and Company weren’t totally honest with him from the get-go.

“I logged on to your site today and saw those stories, I thought it was pretty funny,” Cohen says. “But somehow I don’t think we’re going to have a contest in the integrity battle. It seems no matter what, I can’t stay out of the press these days.”

Cohen’s referring to the brouhaha created by his movie Assraelis and the appropriation of the kosher symbol on the boxcover. Because of that, Cohen was the object of a recent piece on the TMZ website as well as the NY Times. And Thursday he’s being interviewed by the LA Daily News. Not counting landing on the front page of two Israeli newspapers.

“I can’t complain,” he laughs. “But this shit’s funny.” Cohen said he felt obliged to render his two cents to the bukkake story but in a very minimal way.

“They’ve done a good enough job making themselves look like shmucks,” he adds. “I guess all I need to say is that when the movie was booked they told us it was standard girl-girl scenes. They did not tell us it would be twelve women pissing.”

According to Cohen, the words reverse bukkake were never ued at any point in negotiations for the studio.

“Not at any time did they tell us there would be urine at all,” Cohen insists. “Then when they got on set they did nothing to cover the mattresses after soaking one of them. Meanwhile after I kindly tell them the first time why don’t you do something to protect my mattress, Jim [Powers]runs by me and snidely says it’s just water and walks away. He kind of blew it off and then proceeded to go to the next scene and fuck up another one of my mattresses. At that point I pulled Johnny Thrust aside and he was less than accommodating.

“I told him, look, we’re all adults. Whenever you enter into an agreement like this it’s based on a reasonable leap of faith and I trust you’re going to do the right thing. That’s what I would do in any situation like this. And that’s where I left it. Then I left and later found out they weren’t doing the right thing. They didn’t tell us what kind of shoot they were having and didn’t want to repair anything they damaged. So Dominic and my crew, thankfully, stuck up for my ass and made sure they made amends. I do believe had we not taken the drastic measures we had taken, we wouldn’t have got shit from them.

“You don’t shit where you eat,” Cohen continues when I bring up the hostage situation.

“I think holding them hostage is an exaggeration. Dominic just said you need to pay us or you’re not leaving. The sad thing is after he said that, their crew members said, ‘Oh, man, this is the second time this has happened.’

“The fact is we were never informed that this is what they were doing. Precautions were never taken to protect our interests by them. It’s just a basic lack of respect and decency that I guess one would expect.”

Cohen said he had to shoot 15 scenes over the next three days so ran out and bought two new mattresses to the tune of $400.

“I only received $200 compensation from them,” he adds. “I call it a leaning experience. I believe in karma and people get what they deserve. Any man who treats a woman like a bitch is a bitch in my book.”


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