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Tracey Adams Thinks She’d Make a Great Director

Porn Valley- On the occasion of Buck Adams’ passing, Tracey Adams contacts me last week.

A hall of famer, Tracey has been asked to attend the Legends of Erotica show in January but doesn’t know whether she’s going yet.

In what was a pretty lengthy chat, a part of which is here, I tell her about the death threats both me and Jerry Butler got when some bozo with a Sopranos’ accent left a message for us saying he was going to rip our throats out because of the Buck interview.

Tracey Adams concedes that Buck, like many in the industry, including herself, have battled with demons. Adams admits she can’t get anywhere near alcohol.

“It reared its ugly head when I went on the road dancing,” she confides.

“But right now I’ve got the cleanest bill of health I’ve had forever- it’s remarkable. I’m amazed because I hit the bottle hard when I was on the road.”

Adams drank to kill the pain in her knees and remembers seeing the physician for the Dallas Cowboys about it.

“My assistant took me to his office and the waiting room was the size of a football field,” Adams recalls.

“Obviously he would see the entire team at once but I was the only one there. I used to say, sure, the Tequila helps with the pain in my knees because I was always wearing heels and dropped down to my knees on stage. Not a good thing.

“But now that I look back, everyone says I’ll never do drugs when I’m working. And I adhered to that as well. But when we weren’t working, we were criminal. All of us. Even me the girl next door. Even though I wasn’t sticking needles in my arms and I wasn’t doing heroin like some of your darker characters.”

Adams remembers a Buck Adams story related to her about the time he was in a hotel room many years ago with two women.

“He did one of these flying leaps across the room to jump into the bed between them. And he had a heart attack. These girls apparently lickety split got dressed and left him. That’s where the story ends for me, but obviously he survived that.”

Looking back on her personal history with him, Adams says she was devastated by Buck’s passing and wishes she had maintained more of a contact and communication with other people once she left the business.

Adams remembers a time she called Jerry Butler about three years ago.

“Jerry and I had a really wonderful relationship on and off set,” she says.

“We got to the point where we were so sibling-like that it got difficult for us to work together. We got too close. We were reminiscing, and I noticed that he still had that plugged-in persona. When he started emailing me naked pictures of himself I figured, swear to god, once a porn star always a porn star. I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish with that.”

Adams also recalls how Butler was trying to get her involved in some pyramid scheme involving vitamins which she didn’t want to get involved with. And that’s pretty much where their conversation ended. Although Adams confesses she would have loved to have hung out with him, barring the pyramid scheme.

“And I’m not interested in what he looks like nude,” she adds with a laugh. I have to particularly enjoy the story because Butler, turning 50 next year, was trying to send me the same pictures. At least I think he was.

“I know what I see in the mirror and it’s not what I was 25 years ago,” Adams continues. “But you do the best you can. This is going to happen to all of us. But what we are now doesn’t make us bad.”

Adams tells me that she wanted to direct in the business but always felt that there was an “X” put between her and the adult industry when she got back from feature dancing.

“I wanted to make movies but there was nothing but closed doors,” she notes.

“Because I know that even now based on just my brief experiences on the road, if I lent my name to some kind of production I know there would be some kind of interest there. But I don’t know how to go about it. Now that I know where Debi Diamond is, an enormous part of my search is also over. I always wanted to know where she was.”

Adams spoke to Diamond a couple of weeks ago. And Diamond apparently has since moved from Hawaii to Ventura when I last spoke to her.

“She split with her husband and must have gotten a comfortable settlement,” says Adams. “He was not too happy about it. He did not want her to leave or take the kids. She apparently lives right on the beach.”

Noting that Diamond plies the trade, Adams doesn’t deny the fact that she plied it herself, as well, for Body Miracle.

“It’s not conducive to a good, healthy mentality to continue on that path,” Adams reflects, recalling an instance where she went to a party on Rodeo at a house owned by a guy that Diamond introduced her to.

“She thought he was just so cute because he spoke Japanese. He spoke a fair amount of English and bowed and stuff. I started hanging out with him. But he was messed up on freebase, so his power of reasoning started to deteriorate as our association with each other progressed. I also used to hang out with Robert Evans, and, once again, not a healthy environment. But I guess I’m going to be the old stick-in-the-mud that says if drugs are that prevalent, something else is wrong. I would rather see people not doing them.”

Adams says if that now makes her a fuddy-duddy, so be it.

“But I don’t mind because it’s kept me healthy and relatively sane,” she continues. “I’m still okay but I would love to have some kind of job I’m happy with, although I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. But I think I’d make a great director. I think people would relate to me well and get the job done.”

Before she got into porn Adams was an accomplished musician and had a SAG card.

“I was a legitimate dancer and model. Then porn came along and it was too easy. I can’t believe I took that easy route out when I had all those other things going for me. If you’re sitting alone on a Friday night in a big area apartment, in retrospect, it’s kind of hard to live with that.”

[to be continued]


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