Trannyfucker Wians’ upcoming child rapist trip will be documented – Watch this space

Why does no one have the balls to call Christian Michael Wians out on being the child rapist that he is when he is shuttling back and forth to Thailand several times a year to fuck Thai teenage boys? Donny Long still gets shit for living and working in Thailand and marrying an of age Thai woman who has the ID to prove she’s legal and yet no one says a word about the endless stream of male whores that Wians fucks on an every 4 month or so basis over there. But now that one of Wians’ trannyfucker pals came to this site this morning to pop off at his fag hole, we WILL be documenting his child rapist ways in an upcoming series of articles.


Wians has been quick to attack Heather Deep‘s looks but if he really believes that Heather isn’t 1000% more attractive than that thing above or any of the rest of the guys in drag he has sex with for money then he’s losing his vision in his old age. She’s also more attractive than Wians’ beard. Heather is a real woman and no real woman will have sex with Christian at this point – even for money. His beard girlfriend doesn’t count because she’s as soulless as he is and is only in it for the business arrangement. Rumor has it that she sleeps in a coffin at night or upside down in a cave.

BeFunky Collage

By the way, this bald buffoon made a lot of jokes about Thailand when it came to Donny but he sure doesn’t mind going there and “working” and taking money from people that live there, does he? Maybe he ought to “say it to their face” to the locals when he’s there, hmmm? See how he fares out with a swarm of 15 Thai men beating on him from all sides.


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