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Tricia Devereaux Comments; The Grand Vizier: Evil Angel Titles at $5?; Video Wholesalers Closing

Tricia Devereaux comments on the The Grand Vizier’s news about Evil Angel.

Devereaux: Every summer, Evil Angel has a two-week sale that is a selection of movies from all of our directors. All of the movies are at least 1 or 2 years old. We’re finishing up our current two-week sale. During that time, all of our non-sale movies are still selling at our standard price to all of our customers. Sure, DVD sales are going down for the entire business, but other than our standard sale, our price structure remains in tact.”

Tampa, Florida- Knowing that he’s keeping company with Sonja, the $300 an hour dancer while down in Florida, I’m asking the Grand Vizier if his tab isn’t getting a bit astronomical. The Vizier ducks the question only to say that a cab ride from Porn Valley to LAX is a lot more. The Vizier next offers a couple of tidbits which he’s picked up while attending the Max Hardcore trial.

“I read that piece about Eli bailing out of Alternative Modeling,” says The Vizier.

“Story down here is that Jon Belinkie, who used to own KSEX, is the money man behind that operation.”

The Vizier has also learned that the ailing porn industry has claimed a couple of more casualities.

“KOE Distributors on the east coast used to be a big time distributor,” says The Vizier. “Now they’re down to two salesman.”

The Vizier says the word also on the street is that Evil Angel, once the Gilbratar of steadfast pricing, is blowing out its titles at $5 a pop. The Vizier also hears that Video Wholesalers- the company that Gabor at Heatwave has gone to war with – may be going out of business, judging by the fact that they’re blowing everything out at half price.

“The adult business has become one big fire sale,” says The Vizier.

The Vizier also notes that Lou Bricate is leaving the business and moving back to New York.


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