Tristan Stadtmuller and One Year Ago

Monica Foster

I have been laughing my ass off for the past few days because Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster has really gone nuts because she knows that she can’t win the court hearings against her in March. Not just one, but two court hearings which will prove that she’s an obsessive stalker, fake news media, a liar, a fraud, etc!

Monica Foster knows that this will happen and she’s completely lost her mind! Her latest blogs are just a cry for attention. She attacks other people’s families, eventheir kids, and she’s trying to play victim with her’s when it’s a known fact that she outed her own family back in 2010 in hopes of getting attention!

Anyway, Foster wrote yet another blog on me stating that I’m a well documented stalker who has stalked several women who are public figures. Let’s not forget that Monica Foster had a golden opportunity to take her bullshit evidence on me and show it to a judge in a court of law! For the past year, Foster has evaded talking about this and why she didn’t appear. She thought that she was harassing me the day that she filed it which was on the same day that she lost her court hearing to get the lawsuit against her stricken. This backfired on her as she gave me more ammo, along with everyone else, to help prove that she’s a liar and a fraud!

Foster tried again to redeem herself by going to court mediation. First time, Foster said NO to court mediation, second time, she said YES! Why did she choose court mediation? Because she knows that she can’t prove jack shit against me and she risk that the court will give me a protection order on her when I show them her obsession with me.

Here I am, a well documented stalker/bully/a dangerous person and etc, yet Foster won’t do a damn thing about it like calling the cops on me. All she does is write the same shit about me and tweets her idiotic blogs to everyone that I associate with. Foster has lost and she needs to realize that.

What’s funny is that she’s trying to associate me with the Twitter account, @blue_balled, lol! Well, once again, she won’t go to the cops nor stand before a judge with me and accuse me of anything like this because she knows that she can’t prove it!

I’m just sitting back and twirling my thumbs until after the hearings because after Foster violates her permanent injunction that the court will put on her, criminal charges will be filed against her! When that happens, good luck bringing all of her bullshit allegations against me and others then! Lol

It’s hilarious that she’s calling herself a Christian music producer now, lol! A song that only Barry Nelson and the other 2 Stooges has heard, lol!



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