Tristan Stadtmuller OWNS Moncia Foster

Once again, Monica Foster is beating her chest and celebrating with a box of wine as she got Tristan Stadtmuller’s Twitter account put on lock. The reason, because Foster cried that Stadtmuller was calling her a HO in his tweet when all did was put Foster and HO in the same tweet. Monica Foster, who recently went on a Twitter rampage attacking her parents and blaming all of her faults and failures on them, has declared another victory, yet she continues to lose the war! Monica Foster is out on the run because she’s trying to evade any debt collection being collected from her, and in the near future, criminal charges will be filed against her and she knows it!

However, what Foster fails to realize (being that she’s a complete retard), Stadtmuller actually won over her! Foster has been boasting that she’s out camping in Kentucky and having a good time, yet she takes the time to troll her enemies and make time for them by trying to get them suspended!

You want to play games, Fostard? It’s OK, we’ll refrain from tweeting your name and we’ll just keep calling you the Cross Eyed Monkey!

Foster has to really stare hard into the camera when she takes a selfie so that her cross eyes aren’t noticeable!



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