Tristan Stadtmuller vs Alexandria Shooter: No Similarities

Bored, jobless failed whore Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers is at it again – creating little pictures and articles that no one reads while stalking former military member Tristan Stadmuller and mumbling about “white male privilege” while sitting in her mom’s house and making no effort to better herself. In her latest piece of work she claims Mr. Stadmuller looks like the 66 year old Obama voting Alexandria shooter. Not only does Mr. Stadtmuller at 6’1 and in his early 30’s not look similar to the old 5’6 dwarf leftist but the political views aren’t the same either. The dead man had similar politics to Foster so she has more in common with the dead loser than Stadmuller does. She would love to get a gun and shoot certain people too but she doesn’t have the guts. She may as well be the dead man’s daughter. Lord knows Foster’s own father failed her.

Alexandra Mayers in an undated photo

Foster seems jealous that even with 13,000 fake followers and hundreds more across her multiple Twitter troll accounts, she rarely gets retweeted or favored. Stadtmuller has made posts that have gotten celebrity attention and upwards of 20-30 retweets and favorites. Foster has tweeted many news networks, celebrities and even President Obummer himself to no avail. No one pays attention to her or takes her seriously. Even in the old days of PWL when the FBI was investigating the situation, they noted that she “was not a credible source” and that they had no interest in talking to her even as she had been kicked around more than anyone on that site. Foster is thought of as a complete loon, bigot, leftist moron and weirdo that no one cares about. The more she kicks and screams the less people pay attention to her.


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