Trump Wins Debate By TKO, Mainstream Media Won’t Admit It, Instead Makes Fat Underachiever “Star” Of Debate!

Donald Trump won the second Presidential debate on Sunday night but the mainstream media refuses to give him credit for it and instead has decided to make Kenneth Bone, Twitter name @kenbone18, a balding, out of condition 34 year old “undecided voter” the star of the show.


The obese, poorly dressed, Hillary Clinton stooge looks at least two decades older than he is thanks to bad genetics, poor diet and a lack of exercise which his fat countrymen can relate to and as such, he now has over 50,000 Twitter followers and has received countless interview requests and news articles devoted to him. His Twitter account should be verified shortly as many imposter accounts have now popped up thanks to hipsters and millennials with too much time on their hands. AdultFYI.COM did not see his Twitter prior to Sunday but we’re guessing he had south of 50 followers before the debate.


Ken has a great porn name but there is no way this thing can get it up without the help of erectile dysfunction drugs and even though no pictures of his wife have been released (yet), she is probably a wood killer. He may not have been laid in awhile and may have forgotten how to use it. Viagra commercials claim that “Over 50% of men over 40 have some form of E.D.,” but that is probably due to the fact that their American wives are gross, obese, foul, disgusting, nagging pigs that have ruined their men’s sexual desire. E.D. is probably a huge problem in America even in youngsters like Ken and even men younger than Ken thanks to the nasty women they have to choose from there. If he did do porn he would probably be involved in one of those nasty, low budget bukkake type films that scumbags like Mike South churn out. He fits the profile and in fact, looks a great deal like Faceblaster, a failed bukkake mope and current porn forum troll.


Bone is the type of “man” hipsters, millennials, and the liberal media like to carry on about because a loser like this makes them feel better about themselves. Bone is the exact opposite of a well put together man like Billy Bush.  America cannot relate to a guy like Bush and are envious of him and so they would love to see him destroyed. American women will especially like Bone because they can walk all over these types of weenies and he’ll come back and beg for more abuse. Ken puts in his 12 hour days at the coal plant while his wife probably sits back and spends his money, chats on her phone, takes selfies and wastes time on social media all day. Ken doesn’t even have enough respect for himself to get on the treadmill a few times a week and is headed for an early grave. His wife will end up divorcing him in a few years and he’ll lose his ass, probably half of what he has earned. Then he will have to work in the coal plant until he drops but not before getting married 2 or 3 more times to American women.


American women love this turd because he has gotten a little bit of notoriety now. We have spoken before about American whores on this site and they never fail to prove us right. Check out the flattering messages this bald headed, morbidly obese whale has had written about him in the past 24 hours, especially by women and check our previous articles on American women. Folks, you can land any American woman you want no matter how fat, ugly or diseased you are as long as you have money or fame – even the small amount of fame that Mr. Bone has received over the past 24 hours. Think about this and then book your ticket to Asia or perhaps Eastern Europe to see what a quality woman is. Then thank your lucky stars you’re not in Ken’s shoes or the shoes of anyone married to an American woman.


This asshole was a stooge but they tried a little too hard here. No one would ever take photos with a disposable film camera in the year 2016. The goofy sweater was way over the top and obvious as well. This is how Hollywood portrays tourists in movies when they want to make them look like the biggest assholes imaginable. These disgusting media outlets will stop at nothing to hide the fact that their preferred candidate got her head kicked in on Sunday night. Cue the positive stories about some small dicked, ED suffering, obese, weak, weenie, mangina debate crowd member and all the millennials and hipsters will be all over it taking attention away from the topic at hand.




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  1. I really don’t understand why people are loving him so much? It had to be a Hillary Clinton stooge because Bill went over to this guy and spoke to him.

    1. Well, as the article says, a loser like Bone makes most people feel good about their own lives. If they have a bad day they can always look at Bone and thank their lucky stars they aren’t him. Same reason they try to destroy Billy Bush – because they CAN’T be like him. America is a very, very sick place. Do an image search on this asshole and just like the article says, a bunch of American 20 something whores are snapping selfies with this obese loser. Get a bit of notoriety and the American whores are all over you.

      BTW, Bone mentioned that he had SEVEN (7)Twitter followers – 2 of which were accounts that belonged to his grandmother before Sunday. Now he has around 100k at last check. Unreal. People are assholes.

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