Twitter fags ban Martin Shkreli after he offends vile liberal scumbag feminist

The fags at Twitter are at it again, banning popular accounts because they offend oversensitive liberal scumbags. This time, Martin Shkreli is the victim of this liberal sickness and gutlessness.

The popular and entertaining 33 year old was kicked off for offending an anti-Trump liberal scumbag writer. Here is a photo of this cunt who even looks like a pain in the ass.

This woman is described as popular but we’ve never heard of her. And so now Twitter loses an entertaining member because some butt hurt liberal feminist millennial scumbag couldn’t take the heat.

@ARmastrangelo It’s a little hard to tell who’s obsessed with who when @laurenduca seems to be stalking Martin Shkreli, & posting pictures of him as well.

Sound familiar, folks?

Monica Foster

@Iamdeplorablepr@ARmastrangelo@laurenducaFunny she defended the guy who harassed Ivanka but cries wolf when she gets harassed.
@ElVatoTeporocho@ARmastrangelo@laurenducait’s not stalking if a woman does it okay.
@20Jan2017@ARmastrangelo@laurenducashe is hideous and vile
@JayJL973@ARmastrangelo@JaynePenelope@laurenducashe’s a crazy liberal broad..
@dwlassie@ARmastrangelo@laurenducaShe may go after Tucker next since he ate her lunch last month.
@SpartanMaker@ARmastrangeloI agree: It seems like @laurenduca is in love with him. Her little game of cat and mouse may have lost him forever though.
@MaxHayzz @ARmastrangelo@brianmcarey@laurenducais a frickin’ attention hound like Michelle Fields.
@bravogranny@ARmastrangelo@Wemyss_Koehler@laurenducaLauren Duca truly has some emotional problems. I’m not joking or trying to put her down. I’m sure

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