Twitter News: Nina Hartley: Condoms Fail 30% of the Time; Who Keeps the Stats? The Elias Bureau?

Nina Hartley tweets: @Deauxma @Sam38G @gbiiird People won’t use them [condom] correctly and they fail about 30% of the time, for one reason or another. Testing works.

@GeoRgeLokOoO HIV exists in the population. Universal testing keeps HIV+ people out of the porn pool, decreasing our risk.

@sami_aisssa @Sam38G @Deauxma: No, I strongly prefer universal testing and NO mandatory condoms. They fail too often and can’t be trusted.
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@gbiiird @Sam38G @Deauxma: Mandatory condoms won’t protect anyone if testing is destroyed. All three cases are related and ocurred off camera


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