Twitter user @GewchiWings briefly locked out of account, “you know who” probably responsible

Our favorite boyfriendless, jobless, lifeless loser is at it again. Instead of going head to head with her adversaries, this fraud sits alone in a darkened room taking drags off Marlboros and drinking whiskey while reporting tweets that are as old as a year or more to try to get these people removed from Twitter. When she is successful, she jumps for joy and has a one woman party. It’s all she can do to keep from killing herself.

The victim this time was witty and funny user @GewchiWings, who set fire to the loser’s ass and caused her to utilize her block button. Still, with a load of egg on her face, the fraud needed to do something more. And so she went on one of her late night tweet reporting binges and had Gewchi locked out for a time.

@StadtmullerT omg noooo!! Im so mad lmao! I was locked out of my account unfortunately I just got it back

People that try to get Twitter accounts suspended via this cowardly method are FUCKING PATHETIC.

Welcome back GEWCHI WINGS!


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