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Tyler Faith Writes Sex Advice Column

Porn Valley- Jill Kelly Mega Babe Tyler Faith has signed on to pen a new sex advice column for Matt Casey @ Only Tyler- in her no nonsense, no holds barred manner could take on such a task.

Check out the first edition here: And if you’re too lazy to lik, here it is:

Smelly girlfriend trouble

Dear Tyler, My girlfriend of three weeks asked me to come round to her apartment – I did and we ended up fucking for three hours. The sex was great, but I don’t want to go back there anymore because the place is such a shit hole. There are empty beer cans, pieces of pizza and dozens of soiled panties scattered on the floor. She won’t come to my place, so what do I do? I dropped a hint she should clean her apartment up, but she told me she thought I was being insulting. P. Sims, Denver

Tyler says: Fuck that dirty bitch! If her house looks like that, imagine what her hygenic standards are. Go for the clean girls. Help! I have little hope for my small penis

Dear Tyler, I am a 23-year-old man with a very small penis. It’s just four inches long when fully erect. I am so embarrassed by it, I haven’t had sex for two years. What can I do to get my confidence back? J.T. Staffs, Sunderland, UK

Tyler says: What do you mean ‘back’? Be proud of it, because it’s truly not the size. If you can eat pussy till the cows come home you’re already one up – master the art. Foreplay is very important. If you get your chick wet and begging for the cock it could be one inch and it wouldn’t matter. When your pussy is horny and hungry any size cock will work.

Kinky husband turns me off

Dear Tyler, My husband is a fantastic fuck, but he insists on wearing women’s panties and stockings when we make love. Is this normal? I find it a turn off. V. Hardy, Cal

Tyler says: What is normal? I’m sure what turns me on isn’t what turns someone else on. I think you and him might have a compatability problem. You definitely need to communicate your feelings to him.

Worried porn tape might end up being sold

Dear Tyler, My boyfriend and I really love sex and do it every day – sometimes three or four times a night. We like to use our digital camcorder to capture our rampant sex sessions. However, my boyfriend wants to send one of the tapes off to an amateur film company. I am rather reluctant in case any of my family or friends sees it. Should I just agree to keep him happy? Sharon

Tyler says:No way! What about your happiness!? Making porn moves for your enjoyment should be just for fun; making porn for money is a career. Being a porn star is a life time commitment and shouldn’t be something to make your boyfriend happy.

Dear Tyler, Since my pregnancy, I have developed fat round my stomach. I am 28 and single. I am dating a man of 33, but I am scared of having sex because I am so self-conscious about the few extra pounds. I feel like ending the relationship…any advice please? Sue

Tyler says: I’m sure if he’s dating you he must know you’re not 100lbs. You’re probably not hiding as much as you think. Go on a diet and exercise so you can feel better for you. If you stick to it you will feel better in a few weeks, watch.

Tyler says:No way! What about your happiness!? Making porn moves for your enjoyment should be just for fun; making porn for money is a career. Being a porn star is a life time commitment and shouldn’t be something to make your boyfriend happy.

My dream girl ignores me

Dear Tyler, A girl at work said she wanted to take me out for a drink. It’s the first time a woman has approached me like that so I said no. Now I regret it but she ignores me. What can I do to win her affection back? David, Texas

Tyler says: Grow some balls. Go up to her and tell her you had a case of the stupids. She ignores you because you hurt her ego. So take her a 5-star restaurant and impress the hell out of her.



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