U.S. Military Hero @blue_balled to enjoy AVN once again!

Monica Foster

United States Military hero @blue_balled will be enjoying the AVN this year while Monica Foster sits in hiding, afraid that she will be served by he many parties that she has pissed off over the years. Foster, real name Alexandra Melody Mayers, lives an existence that is equal to living in a cave, the type of living arrangement experienced by terrorists.

And she is a terrorist in many ways having stalked and harassed innocent civilians as well as porn industry people for the better part of the past five years. Once you get on her list, she does not let up. Just ask Matthew Paul Holder, a porn camera man who blew her off and hasn’t heard the end of it yet – 7 years later.

It is good that our military heroes will be able to enjoy activities like this after the time they have put in defending the country. Of course Mayers knows nothing about this being the anti-American piece of shit that she is. This non voter has carried on for weeks about our new President Elect but for some reason she hasn’t gotten her fat black butt up and out of this country yet. Being potentially HIV+, we suggest she head off to Zimbabwe where she can be with others of her kind.


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