U.S. Officially Taken Over By Feminists And Homosexuals, Trump Campaign In Serious Trouble!

Donald Trump is pretty much a dead man walking thanks to audio from ELEVEN years ago that was released this week. In the audio, Trump and anchor Billy Bush were simply talking about women, talking like guys talk, having a good time. Now the miserable feminists and homosexuals, millennials, professional victims and the permanently offended want Trump’s head and are calling for him to drop out of the race. Bush deleted his Twitter after this was reported and his broadcasting career is likely over. This is what the U.S has turned into, folks.

Meanwhile, women in America, being the whores that they are, continue fishing for attention from men, posting lewd photos of themselves on social media, being “Wee-wee look at me” whorebags, making a career out of nude webcamming when they’re too lazy to get a real job, dressing inappropriately in an attempt to land wealthy men so they don’t have to work and committing other lewd acts. Then when audio is leaked of Trump talking like all men talk about these hookers and how these hookers want to be talked about, they get offended and want him to drop out and they want to end Bush’s career. What a country of complete pussies this has become.

Bush is the type of man that someone like hooker Monica Foster would love to land. He has it all: Handsome, white, full head of soft, luxurious hair well into middle age, well dressed, between 35-45, lucrative job. And women like Foster love to act like whores in public to attract these types of men. Let’s face it, these women won’t attract men with their tiny brains, their looks are all they have. Once a guy like this gets caught telling the truth about them, they get offended and call for heads. Get the fuck over yourselves, ladies.


And so now a man will lose his broadcasting career and another will lose his bid to become President because they called a spade a spade. In November, the first woman President will be elected and America’s slide will continue. After she continues running the country further into the ground and finishes it off after eight years of damage from a black President – If she doesn’t fall over and die during that time – the U.S. should seriously consider electing a homosexual President next and a cross dressing transsexual President after that. Maybe even an illegal alien President. The U.S. will be such a joke at that time that it won’t matter anymore. A once great country overtaken by faggots and underachieving whorebag feminists among other trash. Stick a fork in the U.S., they’re done.



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