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“Unappreciative Starlets” Sez Dirty Bob

> Dirty Bob starts a thread on ADT: I know I should be used to it by now, but I am continuously amazed at how some of these spoiled gals don’t even have the decency to at least say a thank-you now and then.

For example: for the last dozen years I have been instrumental in contacting and arranging to bring in nearly 300 DIFFERENT adult performers for the annual Tampa Show. Afterwards, how many do you think bothered to just say or e-mail a thank-you to me for bringing them in? At the MOST perhaps a half-dozen – and it is always people I knew well already. The same goes for the XRCO which I took over about 4 years ago – did ANY of the winners EVER take a moment for a thank-you phone call or e-mail? Or any of the people I arranged to be hosts for the shows? NOPE. And I bet that there are a lot of others out there who, due to firsthand experiences, feel the same as I.

I’m not complaining, but geeze – doesn’t anyone in the biz any more have any manners or common decency? I (and others) don’t do this and expect anything in return…but a thank-you now and then would at least almost make it worth the effort.

>skronker writes: Do you get, like, a paycheck out of your endeavors? Would that exist if you didn’t have starlets to use as a way to draw crowds? Or is it a hobby-type thing?

> Dirty Bob replies: Skronk – nope, no paycheck for helping the girls.

> skronker writes: You’re not the promoter of the Tampa Show? Who makes the profit?

> Dirty Bob writes: You think there is much, if any, profit after paying for and flying in over 50 stars and putting them up for 5 days at the same hotel with all related expenses? It isn’t much more than a break-even thing at that if that much – most years. And no, I am not the promoter, but I am involved with choosing who comes to this invitational event every year and contacting them, making arrangements, etc. NightMoves is the one who pays for them up front and ticket sales and appearances help offset the costs. And of those more than 50 stars this year only ONE took the time to at least shoot me an e-mail saying thanks and that she had a blast.

> IW Adult writes: Forgive me if I am wrong, but I don’t think Dirty Bob is even concerned about the money issue. I think he is just suggesting some common courtesy would be nice.

I was having a similar conversation tonight with a porn performer. It seems a lot of the newer girls take a great deal for granted with this industry.

Some of the performers who are grateful for an interview, a blurb in a magazine, or a simple review is the star, legitimate stars, who were here when it wasn’t so easy in porn.

Girls like Belladonna, Jewel De’Nyle, Kylie Ireland, Gen Padova, Taylor Wane etc. These girls have been in the business for more then five years and they know how hard it can be. It’s not all Gucci bags, SUV’s and Vivid Contracts.

A simple thank you goes a long way. With each review column I do I have a handful of stars that thank me each and every time and trust me that goes a LONG WAY!

>astroknight writes: I know what you mean. Every now and then I get a thank you from a star or director for my reviewing a movie they’re in. I have no clue how many actually do read my ramblings, but it shows plenty of class to drop a line just to say something like thanks for taking the time to check me out, glad you liked the scene, sorry you didn’t like it, whatever. If they care enough to do that, I’ll often shoot them an e-mail back asking what their favorite scenes or movies are to try to check them out at their best. If they care enough to drop a little guy like me a line, then they seem like a good person to try to see more of.

> tricia devereaux writes: Would you also be the one who booked Anjelica “with a ‘j’ “?

The year that I went before and you were actually in Tampa, I do remember thanking you. This year, I instead thanked the staff people that were actually there – and while I do realize that you’re the intial contact for the show, often it’s just more likely that girls who attend the event are going to give their thank-yous on the last night to the people who happen to be right in front of them.

As for the awards, I don’t even email AVN after the awards shows. If Evil Angel wins an award at an award show, the person accepting the award tries their hardest while they’re at the microphone to thank the organization who puts on the awards. Thanking an individual, in my opinion, would feel like I was saying thank you for honoring something which didn’t actually deserve to be honored.

> Bill writes: It seems to me that, if you’re looking for someone to thank you for the work that you do, it should be NightMoves, not the girls. NightMoves is who you are working for.

The girls are working too. They shouldn’t be giving thank you’s, they too should be getting them from NightMoves. Without the girls, there is no Tampa show.

> Eric381 writes:You’re damn right it does!! Now, I hate to really bring this up, but Bob makes a good point. I pour my heart into alot of my photography, including my trips in support of the adult industry this year (AEE & ELA). Upon return, I send some of the girls printwork after the pair of shows I attended this year. This isn’t a “stalker gift” issue, like some might assume, I do the same in any business setting for my shooting. Despite the fact that I’ve been out of work for an entire year now, I still thought it appropriate to ship out prints like I had to my (railroad) business contacts over the years. Porn is something I’ve put great faith into (ok, that sounds fucked up), so this was my way of saying “thank you” to so many, in a rather dark period of my 20-something life.

Of the 50 or so prints (to about 15-20 different people) I’ve sent out since January, only a few even bothered to email me back ~ nevermind the enclosure of my business card more recently. I’ve been touched since that a couple of those personalities even remembered me by name when I showed up at ELA in June, despite the fact that I’d only met them once before. That meant alot…seriously. But so few had bothered with a simple “thank you”, that it’s disparaging to consider ever doing goodwill work for them again.

In terms of how Bill explained it, however, I guess I too, would be shit-out-of-luck without the girls. Tit for tat, I suppose.


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