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Update: The Jenna James Timeline; Was Skeeter Being Set Up?

I hung around with Skeeter Kerkove Saturday afternoon shooting the porn shit. Too bad cameras weren’t rolling. Because the inside information that was exchanged would have been something else.

During the course, Skeeter’s also taking me through his house giving me a timeline and forensics of the day earlier this year in April when Jenna James, living with Max Hardcore, was over Skeeter’s house shooting for him. Skeeter shows me where James allegedly hid drugs – in the cabinet under the bathroom sink adjacent to his bedroom.

Skeeter wonders- if not to frame him- why would James do that when she already had drugs in her purse?

James’ real first name is apparently Jalena and Skeeter keeps referring to her by her real name.

“I figure if XPT can do it- they have no problem putting my name and address and shit up- maybe it’s her turn,” he says. “Her birth date is 1/11/82. She’s 26 but looks 35 in the face. And shame on her for lying that she’s never been in trouble with the cops.”

Skeeter’s referring to the moment when his attorney David Lum arrived at the shoot when ten cop cars and a helicopter had showed up in an attempt to hassle Skeeter. As soon as Lum arrived, the cops dispersed. If Skeeter had been breaking the law as Max Hardcore asserts, why did they just leave, no questions asked. And it was at this point that Lum and James had a conversation in Skeeter’s driveway with James making a point that she’s separated from her kid and hates the cops, although she claims she’s never done anything outside of the law.

Skeeter’s been claiming all along that Max Hardcore, already in trouble with the Feds, attempted to frame him by using James to plant drugs; and the more you hear the story about this shoot and its various details, the more it seems to make sense that it all could have gone down that way.

Here’s the timeline: Max Hardcore was attending the Long Beach Grand Prix and this would make it April 20th.

Max had contacted Skeeter prior insisting that Skeeter shoot James. In that conversation Max told Skeeter he wanted him to “fuck up” James, make her puke and shoot the scene very rough. Because Skeeter doesn’t shoot that kind of scene, this is what got Skeeter first suspicious, and he now thinks Max was also trying to set him up for some obscenity beef.

8 am: James’ call time.

9:35: James shows up at Skeeter’s house after many calls had already been made to Max as to her whereabouts.

10:15: James is in the makeup chair and appears fidgety and antsy. The makeup artist is having other problems with her and tells Skeeter that James’ face is filled with “pick” marks.

11:15: James shoots her pretty girls. By now Skeeter estimates she’s made something like five trips to the bathroom. Skeeter’s explaining how he would like her to pose, and James snaps back at him saying she knows how to, that she’s worked with Max. Skeeter tells her she only knows how to drink piss.

“I need you to pose to be pretty,” he tells her. “This is your first set without Max.” With the BTS camera covering her conversations, James apologizes to Skeeter telling him that she didn’t get home until 4:30 that morning having been out partying with Max all night.

12:15: James goes upstairs where the bedrooms are and has a conversation with Jerry Van Nuys who’s doing the BTS. She allegedly offers Van Nuys drugs. He refuses. Meanwhile James is telling Van Nuys, himself a former cop, how Max urges her to use them to keep skinny.

12:25 PM: The shoot begins upstairs in the front room which Skeeter keeps available for that purpose. James is working with Jay Ashley. The entire scene goes about 24 minutes on tape and Skeeter is ready to shoot the cable version when the police arrive.

1:30 PM: According to Skeeter the cops knock “aggressively” at his door. He doesn’t open the front door but talks to them through a “speakeasy” grate. The cops won’t tell Skeeter why they’re there, and he says he won’t let them in unless they have a search warrant. He also tells the police their conversation was being video recorded.

Meanwhile Skeeter has told everyone in the cast and crew to go up to his bedroom and that he would take care of matters. Jerry Van Nuys who’s looking out the window from upstairs informs Skeeter that there’s probably ten patrol cars outside which have arrived within minutes.

Skeeter tells me his mother was robbed one time at gun point and it took the cops two hours to arrive and investigate. So Skeeter, now aware that James has drugs on her person via Jay Ashley, suspects that someone had tipped the cops off about them because of the reinforcements that came out.

[Max Hardcore has said all along that Skeeter was shooting without a permit, but Skeeter says ten patrols cars don’t come out on a petty beef like that.]

Skeeter calls his attorney David Lum.

2 pm: Skeeter has now discovered James hidden cache and makes her flush them down the toilet. James says she’ll tell the cops the drugs are hers and that will settle things. Jay Ashley tells her it doesn’t quite work that way.

2:30 PM: Lum arrives and assures Skeeter that the cops won’t enter his house because there’s no warrant. The police have by now left and Lum has a conversation with James outside Skeeter’s house. James is saying she hates cops and doesn’t want to be on the premises any more. James brings up her kid and Skeeter’s attorney asks why James isn’t with her child. Skeeter asks if the Department of Family Services has taken her kid from her.

2:45 PM. James leaves. James didn’t have her AIM test but Skeeter was assured earlier by Max on the phone that she had one and that he would resolve that situation.

8PM: Max tells Skeeter he’ll bring James’ AIM test over.

11PM: Although his house is 12 miles away, Max finally arrives at Skeeter’s house three hours later. Max initiates a conversation about drugs and shooting permits. Skeeter tells him under no circumstances are drugs allowed in his house. Skeeter then hears a noise or a squawk from under Max’s shirt. He’s of the belief that Max either has a walkie talkie or is wired and is trying to entrap him with incriminating statements. Skeeter doesn’t take the bait but also notes that Max is carrying a gun and a knife.

“Max got very angry and upset,” says Skeeter. “He knew his plan failed.” According to Skeeter, Max was there for a total of 30 minutes and finally left. The next day Skeeter discovers that James never tested with AIM.


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