Valentina Nappi Hates Being Italian

Well known for being a coal burner, faghag and a Speigler whore Valentina Nappi admitted on her instagram page that she hates being Italian and was ashamed of Italy’s former deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini who wanted to protect his country Somali rapists and backwards migrants from Africa. Nappi who has been indoctrinated by uppity LA Jews like Speigler wants to not only get infected with HIV but she wants to see her people replaced by Somalis and Nigerians.

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#Repost from @viola_carofalo by ・・・ Felici di guastarti il sonno, Ministro! Il decreto sicurezza bis ha due facce: propaganda e repressione preventiva. Sulla propaganda tanto si è detto e scritto: inventi un'emergenza (i ne*ri che rubano, che vivono a scrocco, che violentano le "nostre" donne e che, in tutto questo, trovano anche il tempo di rubarci il lavoro), fingi di risolverla, autorappresentanti come salvatore della patria. Sulla repressione preventiva invece si dice poco, pochissimo e non a caso. Ma si fa parecchio. Perché i problemi veri vanno nascosti: la mancanza di lavoro (e di lavoro "buono", sano e stabile), il sistema scolastico e sanitario fatti a pezzi, le speculazioni ambientali che avvelenano noi e la nostra terra. Salvini e i suoi sanno che con la propaganda non si mette il piatto a tavola, che far annegare la gente in mare non risolverà i NOSTRI veri problemi. Sa che il rischio che sui posti di lavoro, nelle scuole e nelle periferie la protesta cresca è più che concreto e allora, con questo decreto, cerca di impedirlo. Inasprisce le pene, cerca di limitare il diritto a dissentire. Questa è stata per molti una nottata di brutti pensieri e incubi. Con una sola, piccola, consolazione: se si è battuto per far passare un decreto come questo vuol dire che anche le sue notti non sono molto tranquille e che, se lui è il nostro incubo, noi siamo il suo. P.s. in tutto questo il PD non perde l'occasione di essere ridicolo (e pericoloso) rincorrendo il caro Ministro e sgomberando l'XM24! #InstaSaveApp #QuickSaveApp

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This is the English translation of her instagram post about Salvini (Italy’s great white hope).
Happy to spoil your sleep, Minister!

“The security decree bis has two sides: propaganda and preventive repression.
So much has been said and written about propaganda: you invent an emergency (the neo-people who steal, who live at the latch, who rape “our” women and who, in all this, also find time to steal our work), pretend to solve it, self-representatives as savior of the homeland.
On the preventive repression, on the other hand, little is said, very little and not by chance. But it gets a lot. Because the real problems must be hidden: the lack of work (and of “good”, healthy and stable work), the school and health system torn to pieces, the environmental speculations that poison us and our land. Salvini and his people know that with the propaganda you don’t put the plate at the table, that to drown people at sea won’t solve OUR real problems. He knows that the risk that the protest will grow on jobs, in schools and on the outskirts is more than concrete and then, with this decree, he tries to prevent it. Strengthens penalties, tries to limit the right to disagree.
This was for many a night of bad thoughts and nightmares.
With only one small consolation: if he fought to pass a decree like this, it means that even his nights are not very quiet and that, if he is our nightmare, we are his.
P.Š. in all this the PD does not lose the opportunity to be ridiculous (and dangerous) chasing the dear Minister and clearing the XM24!- Valentina Nappi

For some of those who are not familar with the migrant problem in Italy here is an informative video about how bad it is.


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  1. Salvini was a great leader who protected his country and his People from illegal Mass Immigration of low-qualified Sub-Saharan Africans.

  2. Valentina Nappi wants more Sub-Saharan Africans migrants in Europe because its more black dicks for her. Otherwise, there is no relative gains by having those barbarians in the mother continent.

    • An interesting fact is that the average penis size of Nigerian males is according to a Study lower than those of an average European man.

      • I read that study but too bad Elena Koshka went to Kenya for sex without realizing that African men not as well endowed as their African American counterparts.

        • The average penis size of African American men is actually low because a large part of their Ancestors came from Nigeria and was later forced to mix up with Irish (who have according to a Study a low average penis size) by their British Slave Masters to create taller and stronger Slaves.

          • Well most black Americans are overweight and lazy but the Jewish owned porn industry likes to portray American blacks as strong big dicked alphas and whites as wimpy beta cucks.

        • Indeed black American men are portrayed as big-dicked alpha males in the Porn Industry but only in the US while in France for example which has a large Sub-Saharan African minority the obsession of Big Black Cocks is not an expectional phenomen. And France has the biggest Jewish minority in whole Europe but I dont know how many French Pornactors are of Jewish descent maybe the Jewish Owners of Porn Companies love it to degrading Muslim Northern African women (Beurettes) in Porn to make Muslims butthurt instead of promoting the Big Black Cock Myth.

  3. I heard Israeli porn is a bit similar the interracial porn is only Jewish (Israeli) men having sex and degrading Arab Muslim women. Israel also does not have large black Africans that France and US has. You can even find news articles about how elements in the Israeli government pushed birth control on Jewish Ethiopian migrants.

    • I already know that Rightwing Israeli Politicians in high ranking governmental positions promote birth control on Sub-Saharan Africans migrants.
      Im not familiar with Isreali Porn but with French and Czech Porn. France has a large Jewish minority and Jews are probably also over-representated in the Adult Industry like in US but theoretically ethnic White French male Porn Company Owners could also promote White on Arab/Northern African Interracial Porn. Im not sure at that point.
      In Czechia there are practically no Jews so there are no Jewish Porn Company Owners and except for Gypsies no Non-Whites so Interracial Pornography nearly doesnt exist in this country.

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