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Verne Troyer Sex Tape Star Ranae Shrider Visits Howard Stern

[From]- Howard had this woman Ranae Shrider come in to talk about this video she was in with Verne Troyer. She said that he’s smaller than her 2 year old nephew. She said that he was a little below her knee in height.

Ranae said she met Verne at the Playboy mansion when she was there. She’s not in Playboy herself but just went because she wanted to experience that whole thing. She said that she sent in her picture and wrote them a note about it being her dream come true to be there. Ranae said that they had her there and said they were glad they could make her dreams come true.

Ranae said she was a server at a Cheesecake Factory and she was still working there when she was going out with Verne. She said that they actually lived together for a while. Howard asked how she met Verne at the party. Ranae said he was just sitting on a table there. She said that she wasn’t attracted to him or anything and didn’t even go over to meet him.

Ranae said she was at the party by herself. She said that there weren’t a lot of A-list celebrities there. She said that Ian Ziering was there and he was kind of a prick. She said she told him what a fan of 90210 she was and he said that he’s an actor and he did more than just that.

Howard asked Ranae what she was wearing. She said it was a lingerie thing that was hot pink and looked like it came out of the 80s. She said that it was a ”lingerie or less” party. Ranae said she just wanted to go to the party and eat something really good. She wasn’t making a lot of money working at The Cheesecake Factory. She said that she hated the place and would tell people off all the time. If people didn’t like the food she would just disappear.

Ranae said she was at the party texting someone and the other girl she went there with wanted to talk to Verne. She said that Verne ended up hitting on her and asked her for her phone number before he even asked what he name was. She thought that she would give it to him as a joke but Verne called her the next day and told her it was his birthday. She said she told him she didn’t have any money for a gift. Artie said he thinks the gift he was looking for wouldn’t cost her any money.

Ranae said Verne went to London for like 3 weeks after that and when he came back she agreed to go out with him. She just went over to his place and had pizza with him. She said that he doesn’t like going out in public. Artie said that’s because there are manhole covers everywhere.

Ranae said that she went over to his house and he asked her for a hug. She said she didn’t know what to do because she didn’t want to be rude. She said that she sat down on her butt and gave him a hug. She said that it was true love after that. She was just messing with Howard about that. Howard said she had him fooled.

Howard asked Ranae about going in to eat with Verne and if he put any moves on her. She said that he didn’t do anything that night. She said that they were playing Guitar Hero or something that night and she kicked his ass. She said that Verne has pretty eyes when Howard asked if she found him attractive.

Howard said that’s what you don’t want to hear, that you have pretty eyes. Ranae said that looks aren’t that important to her. She said that she was hoping to go out to breakfast with Artie this morning. Artie said she’s just kidding about that.

Howard asked Ranae if she was attracted to Verne. She said there was something there but she’s not sure what it was. She said that they really hate each other right now so it’s hard to tell what it was that they did have.

Ranae said she wanted to get to know Verne outside of what the media portrayed him as. She said she later found out that he is what the media portrays him as and that nice, sweet guy is just an act.

Ranae said that she and Verne eventually got their own house after they were hanging out every day for a while. She said that they were sleeping together at the time they moved in together. She said that it had been about a month or so after they started hanging out that they moved in together. Ranae said it was very weird.

Ranae said that she thinks that she was falling in love with him. She said that she couldn’t even tell when he was inside of her though. She said that’s how small it was and you can see the tape on the web. She said that she doesn’t get any money from it and it’s not even up legally. She said that it’s up on a site called

Howard said he saw the tape and Verne was on top of her chest in the scene he saw. Ranae said he only came up to her belly button when he would be inside of her. She said that if she blinks he would come out of her. She said she had to lay perfectly still for him to stay inside. She said that she didn’t give him any blow jobs either.

Ranae said she just wasn’t into giving the blow job. Howard didn’t get what she meant by that. She said that it’s not her favorite thing to do. She said she would give him a hand job though. She said that it would fit about halfway into her hand. She said that he would go down on her too and that would keep her satisfied. Fred threw in some of Verne’s laugh and she recognized the short clip immediately.

Howard had Fred play the clips of Verne making odd noises on The Surreal Life when he was on that show. Howard asked her if that’s what it sounded like when he came. She said that it wasn’t quite like that and did an impression of Verne finishing.

Howard asked Ranae if Verne ever stuck his tongue up her ass. She said he never did and that’s gross. Fred played some fart sounds as they were talking about that.

Ranae said she liked Verne for his personality and sex isn’t even that important to her. She claims that they only had sex 7 times in the couple of months they were together. Ranae said that she was talking to Verne about that the other day and they were never in the mood at the same time. She aids that she would fall asleep and miss out on having sex with him.

Howard said that Ranae found out that Verne was cheating on her when she heard him on Howard’s show. Ranae said she thought they were fine but she heard him on the show talking about some pictures that were taken with some other chick. Ranae said that Verne claimed that someone rubbed him down but he didn’t act on it. She said that he was acting like he was single on the show and claimed that he got laid a couple of weeks ago. Then he told her that he just told Howard that because that’s what he wants to hear. Howard said he would have loved to have heard that he had a girlfriend at the time.

Howard asked about the sex tape and how that came up. She said that Verne had cheated on her in Vegas again and she believed what he would tell her. She said that he took her to a hotel to make up for what happened and she brought her video camera just to be stupid. She said the tape ended up just laying around in the house and she can’t say how the tape got out because they’re in a lawsuit right now.

Howard asked if her family got to meet Verne. She said that they did and her mother was fine with it. She said that Verne would order her around and stuff in front of her mother and she thought it was funny. She said that Verne is suing her over some stuff and he’s claiming that she sold the tape and that she assaulted him.

Ranae said that if she had done something to him the cops probably would have been called and that didn’t happen.

Howard gave Ranae a plug for this web site She said that you can become a porn star on the site and do stuff with other people by putting your face into some videos and stuff to make it look like you’re in the scenes.

Howard asked Ranae why she came in today. She said that she heard that Howard wanted to meet her so she came in. She aids she’s really not bitter about the whole thing. She said that in the video tape they show Verne giving her oral for about 15 minutes. She said that it looks like she’s giving birth to a baby when they see the tape.

Ranae said that Verne liked the tape but she didn’t like watching it. She said that they have sex in the tape too. She said that she also gives him a hand job in the tape.

Ranae said that she and Verne are trying to be civil even thought they have a lawsuit between them. She said that she thinks that he’s just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Artie said that it seems more like she’s trying to get her 15 minutes.

Ranae is dating a normal sized guy now and she said that he doesn’t care about the tape. Howard asked her about the time she almost killed Verne. She said she didn’t do it on purpose. She said that they took a bath together and she put like 4 bottles of shampoo in the tub and there were way too many and when he got in the bubbles were up to his nose. She said that he didn’t almost die, she just wasted 20 minutes getting the bath ready for nothing. Howard asked her if she accidentally almost vacuumed him up. She said that he was making shit up now.

Howard took some calls for Ranae. Irish John asked if Verne ever bad mouthed Mike Myers or anyone else. She said that he did bad mouth Mike because he didn’t get paid enough. Howard said that Verne told him that he owed everything to Mike Myers. Ranae said that he told that to her mother too and he really is bitter. She also said that he wasn’t friends with Heath Ledger like he claims. Ranae said that Verne wasn’t even invited to Heath’s memorial service. She said that if he was close to him then he would have been invited.

Ranae said she didn’t want to be mean to Verne but she thinks that he got the tattoo for Heath just for publicity. She said that he wasn’t as close to him as he claims he was.

Howard took another call from a guy who asked if Ranae was hot. Howard said he thinks she is. The caller also thinks that Ranae played Verne and he feels bad for him. Ranae told the caller that he’s probably ugly. The caller said that he doesn’t believe that Verne would bad mouth Mike Myers after everything he’s done for him.

Howard took a call from Dominic Barbara who said that Ranae is just a pig and an animal for repeating all of this stuff. He said that he rarely says stuff to people like that but he thinks that Verne is a very gentle, nice man. Ranae told him to try living with him and then come back to her. Dominic said that she lived there by choice, no one forced her to. She said that she didn’t know what he was going to be like until she moved in. Things just got worse and she stayed a lot longer than she should have.

Dominic wanted to know why she was trying to hurt this guy because he’s a nice man. She said that you don’t know until you live in her shoes. Dominic said that he wouldn’t’ want to be her for an hour. He said that there’s no reason to just say stuff to hurt a guy like that. He asked her why she’s trying to hurt this guy by saying stuff about Heath Ledger. She said that he’s just putting that stuff on to get the press.

Howard said that there’s a lot of viscousness there and something must have happened. She said that there is something but it’s going to be in a counter suit against him. Dominic said that she doesn’t deserve a penny from Verne. Howard said that she probably won’t get anything from him anyway.

Dominic asked what the lawsuit is based on. Howard said that he claims that she hit him. Ranae said that she never touched him that way. Dominic was asking her a lot of questions trying to get her to crack and Howard said that this is what they’re going to do to her at court.

Ralph called in and said that he doesn’t get why Dominic is defending this guy because he doesn’t know that he’s a gentle soul. Dominic said that he has hung out with Verne and he’s not a bad guy. Dominic said that she has nothing and he’s just trying to shut her up with her lies about this man.

Howard told Dominic that he doesn’t know all of the details about this case either. Dominic said that he would put up $10,000 for her to take a lie detector test to prove that she’s not behind this sex tape and that she’s not getting paid to do the tape. She said that she’s not getting paid for that tape. Ranae said that she would do it if her lawyer says it’s okay.

Dominic got off the phone and everyone goofed on him as he said his gurgling goodbye. Ranae was saying that she treated Verne very well when they were together and she was in love with him at the time. She aide that he has don’t things to her that she can’t talk about and they don’t know what that’s like. She said that she has to laugh about this stuff because, if she doesn’t, she’ll cry. Howard said that she claims that Verne used to beat her dogs. She said that’s the kind of stuff that people just don’t know about.

Renae said that Verne would push the dog and throw her when she would jump up on people. The dog would hide under her couch whenever he was around because of that.

Howard wrapped up with Ranae and told her that JD would probably go out with her. She said that Will was cute. Robin told her that Will is married.

Ralph asked if she’s hot. Howard said that she is. Artie said she looks like Frank Serpico. He said that was a compliment though. Artie said that he’s an honored cop and he was cute, just like Ranae. Howard wrapped up with Ranae, gave her some plugs and went to break.


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