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Veronique Vega’s Bacterial Infection; Blasts LA Direct

SGV626 posts on ADT which has turned the matter into a discussion thread: The following is from Veronique’s myspace page blog it seems like she is rather pissed at her agency LA DIRECT. What do you think about the whole ordeal, actually seems kind of nasty to me. But maybe the talent will say this is a common thing and just wipe it off and complete the scene? I also wonder who the girl and guy were in the scene.


today was SO weird, it was like, half fabulous– half hell. i woke up at 7, ate some raisin bran (i’m dieting just a bit– i have major photo shoots comin up) and headed to equinox for some weight training and my 30 min cardio fix on the stairmaster ( i love that thing). all is good. i hit the steam room and make my way back home in westwood to get ready for my video shoot.

today i had a boy girl girl scene with a girl i’m not friends with but am familiar with– and she’s this 99 pound blond chick and she’s pretty cute (i’m not typically into blondes except jesse jane) so i’m excited cause i lovvvvvvvvvve shooting dirty movies and i just happened to be really friggin hot and turned on from this dirty dream had last night about geting gangbanged in the park by some big biker guys at church– it was really dirty ( i’m demented slighty). so i’m all wet and ready to fuckin go! (this is a gonzo by the way.)

so we do all the girl girl pics of me and this chick and its time to get the guy in for the sex pics and all is good and she takes him first. so he slides his hard cock inside her and starts pumping her really hard and i’m totally into it……… …until i SMELL something. i look down at his cock and its covered in a white SMELLy cream. like, really yogurt looking and i’m like, oh HELL no– that’s the end of the day. Straight up bacterial infection! Like a MASSIVE catfish one. Now I don’t CARE, i mean girls are bound to get a yeast or w/e infection once or twice throughout the year esp in the adult industry from either douching too much or sweating at the gym or WHATEVER– it really isn’t a big deal, but it is quite an uncomfortable situation to be in and i sure as fuck wasn’t gonna risk catching that shit.

I took a 2 month break from the industry as most of you know due to my own health issues (i had a bruised fallopian tube i’m 100% better now thank god) so the last thing i’m going to risk is my HEALTH, like for REALS.

so no biggie, i call my agent to cancel and re-book when this chick gets better, shes a sweetheart and i just want her pussy to be healthy so i can have FUN with her, ya know? i get HELL from my agent for “collasping” the scene and “making the decision” to put my health as a priority above money. I swear to god. I could not believe what i was hearing. its like DUHH– do you really think i’m going to eat a girls infected pussy out so i can catch her infection and spend a week curing myself? AS IF. i don’t get a flying f**k about the money. give me a fucking break.

its so sad that thats ALL it is to about 90% of individuals in XXX. it’s like– i fucking ENJOY and LOVE my job so i wanna be healthy enough to give 110% every time.. am i like- a WEIRDO for NOT having a prostitute mentality???? plz tell me. i didn’t get into adult because i needed money. i’ve GOT that covered.. i love to express my sexuality and share it with good folks like yourselves..its a fucking art and i’m not gonna stop til i’ve MASTERED it– its just UNbelieveable how some people’s priorities are in this industry and how few people have respect for themselves.

My agent actually wanted me to go through with the scene after i told him the girl had health issues and then called me a DIVA for standing my ground. I will never compromise ANY part of me– from my beliefs to my body– for ANYONE at all ESPECIALLy for their monetary gains (so he can collect an agent fee).

I just had a major wake up call when its comes to identifying the people who truly have my best interests in mind …and it sure as hell ain’t my crazy agent. You have to feel sorry for people sometimes when you look at how unhappy they must be…*sigh*. What goes around comes around…

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