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Vicky Vette CoHos Young & The Curious

Porn Valley- In a KSEX programming rarity Vicky Vette was Jason Sechrest’s,, CoHo Friday night on his Young and The Curious Show. Even more of a rarity, a listener from the KSEX chatroom who goes by the name of Mr. Horny was invited to sit on the couch. In making their acquaintances Mr. Horny, who lives in the Inland Empire, said he met Jason at the KSEX Listeners Choice Awards this past December, remembering that Jason was dressed in a top hat, cane and gloves.

“He looked like the guy on a can of peanuts,” Vette remarked. “I do like my nuts- dry roasted, salted,” Sechrest was inclined to agree. “Any which way I can get it, actually.” Vette was asked her opinion about George Bush’s efforts to ban gay marriages. “He just lost the election,” she said.

Noting that Mr. Horny worked out, Jason made an attempt to get him to sway his sexual allegiance with little to show for it. Asked if he had seen any Barbra Streisand movies lately, Horny said, no, that he was more of an Action-Adventure film buff- an answer that met with little or no enthusiasm from Sechrest. Sechrest then asked Vette where she worked out. When she answered The Specturm, Sechrest thought that was something Jenna Jameson used to look inside girls’ assholes. On the other hand, Vette said it was a great gym in the Valley on Sherman Way.

In his weekend update Sechret made mention of the fact that gay porn star Drew Peters was begging for people to piss in his ass. “I thought that was really brave of him to just take any piss in his ass at any time.” Vette asked Sechrest if he obliged Peters. Sechrest said no. “But I did pull his hair and smack him around a little bit.”

Sechrest went on to talk about how Peters is “blown out,” meaning he’s been fucked so many times that his asshole is in a permanent state of gape. Vette wondered if that was a bad thing and wasn’t sure if Peters asshole would go back to normal. “I have a feeling that Drew is not resting his hole. It usually happens when you’ve been fisted,” Sechrest opined. Mr. Horny said he likes watching girls getting fisted.

Jason asked him what his deepest, darkest fantasy was. Mr. Horny said it amazes him that a person, male or female, could actually take a fist. “Are you okay with piss?” Sechrest wanted to know. Mr. Horny said he likes watching girls piss but has little inclination to be pissed on. “I would probably piss on somebody. Like on a girl.” Jason them attempted to get Mr. Horny to commit to the possibility of pissing on a guy. “Probably not,” said Mr. Horny. Vette suspected that Sechrest was employing Q&A in an attempt to see Mr. Horny’s dick because Sechrest was maintaining an uncomfortable battery of questions aimed at the size of Mr. Horny’s penis.

Vette said she had a fan who likes to have girls pee on him. “He said that it can be so kind and loving that they care enough about him to pee on him. And when it goes all over his body it warms him up. That’s a whole big turn on. I never heard it put that way.” On the other hand, Sechrest said he could see how physical assault can be loving. “That seems to me like you trust somebody enough to get in bed with them and let them do whatever they want to you. I’m very into that. I like beating people up. It’s fun. I was watching hockey the other night and I became very turned on by that- men just running into…and blood dripping down.”

Sechrest also brought up the Mel Gibson’s movie. Vette said she wasn’t seeing it and Sechrest said he wasn’t jumping at the opportunity. Neither was Mr. Horny who said he wasn’t interested. “I’m not interested in seeing anything that gruesome,” said Sechrest. “I don’t need to be hit over the head with it. I understand the suffering and the sacrifice.” Sechrest said a female friend of his who’s into blood play, plans on bringing a dildo to the theater. “Not only his he [Christ] the first naked man she ever masturbated to but she gets to see him with blood dripping all over him. I thought you are way sicker than I will ever be.”

Asked what mainstream movie she might bring a dildo to, Vette said anyone, that she carries a pocket rocket. As far as celebrities go, Vette named Rod Stewart. “I just think he’s sexy as hell.” For himself, Mr. Horny said maybe the mainstream Cindy Crawford.

Sechrest took note that it was also hot in the studio. “Doesn’t the heat turn you on?” Vette wondered, as she relayed a story about how her air conditioning broke one time with her and her husband fucking like rabbits day after day. “It was unbelievable. You get to the point you think you’re going to pass out and you think you can’t cum any more.”

After acknowledging that he likes to have sex with young girls in booty call situations, Mr. Horny turned the tables and asked Sechrest where was the strangest place he’s had sex. Sechrest said he’d love to do it in a church. “That’s like one of the only places that I haven’t. I would kill to have sex on an altar.” For her part, Vette says everyone has car sex, but the way she likes to have it is with her ass out the window with her husband’s finger up her ass and a bunch of truckers following them shining their lights on them. “And me giving him head at the same time and going about 100 miles per hours. We had a whole convoy of truckers following us. We got kind of scared at the end. That’s why he was going that fast.”

Sechrest said he likes to go to West Hollywood Park. “There’s this huge basketball court. A friend of mine and I have more than once found guys at a club and brought them to the park and go behind this little shed and have them suck us off on the basketball court.” In another instance Sechrest said he’s had sex with a cop in the parking lot of a church in a cop car while the cop was on duty. “That’s more of a weird circumstance.”


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