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Vicky Vette Story Full of Shit?

Almost two years ago, Vicky Vette had an encounter on an Anabolic shoot which made her nearly quit the business It’s still being talked about as the following thread taken from would indicate.

Wanker Wang posts: I’m going to break the silence on this one. The whole Vicky Vette scenario was way overblown from the day Robert Ferrara decided to shove his fingers up his nostrils until he gave himself a lobotomy.

Yes, I saw the entire raw footage of the Vicky scene. Not once did she say no, and the only discomfort I saw was the fact she was leaking which is natural in anal scenes even with professional pornstars.

I booked her immediately to get to the bottom of this instead of looking for pseudo-agents like Robert Ferrara for his idiotic take on the subject.

Yes, she told me she didn’t say no during the scene. She wanted to be a trooper and let the scene go despite the fact she was having problems with her butt. It’s natural in the butt.

No, she told me she didn’t bleed during the scene. She started to bleed a few days later mostly from her pussy. Again, natural from brand new girls who meet established male pornstars who can fuck vigorously for hours.

She told me the real problem was that she did a DP scene for nearly 3 hours the day before and went straight to another DP scene the next day and she wasn’t sure if it was the first scene or the second scene that fucked her up.

After my scene, she asked me if I could shoot her for a DP. I am considering it.

The real problem as relayed to me is that Robert Ferrara, one dumb fucking cunt, decided to blow this sucker way out of proportion and put words in her mouth. Again, this is what she told me.

Now we have two choices: Do we believe Robert Ferrara, some two bit agent from Vegas who only represents girls while they’re in Vegas, or do we believe Vicky Vette who never made a public comment about this subject matter?

I have no idea but I saw the footage which isn’t anything described by this fucking idiot from Vegas. She’s actually a cool girl who may have came into this business and went too hard, too quickly not knowing her bodily limitations unlike most 18 year olds who can handle it.

Robert, go fuck yourself you piece of shit. You made up most of this crap because you are one dumb asshole. And, by the way, you neither represent 90% of the whores on your website nor are most of their info correct. You’d rather deceive, you fucking cunt. Just my take, Wanker Wang

Robert ferrara posts:I dont give a fuck who believes me. I know what she told me on the phone. If she lied about it, which I have no idea why she would, then oh well.

Perhaps you do not understand that my site is not an “agency” like World Modeling or LAdirectmodels claims to be.The girls that are on my site sign up by filling out a form, they send in photos and ID, then I put them up on the site. I do not in any way intend to decieve anyone.

I dont see the companies that I have been sending girls to having a problem with me. These companies, to name a few include: Red Light District, Devil’s Films, New Sensations, Vivid, Wicked, Digital Playground, Platinum X, Hustler, Playboy TV, multiple Penthouse and Hustler photographers, Sineplex, many internet companies and many more video companies.

Maybe Vicky Vette lied her ass off to me. But why would she? And who the fuck are you to call me a fucking asshole? You don’t even know me. All you know about me is what I sent in to you when you were running and you put up everything I sent in. Oh yeah, you also called my office the other day and I gave you Cris Taliana’s email. You were very nice to me on the phone then. Why so hostile now? I don’t get it.

Gen Padova writes: I dont like you Wanker Wang. First of all you dont have a great reputation yourself so you shouldn’t be talking. I don’t care what the truth is about this Vicky Vette story but who would want to believe you before anyone else?

Robert had only repeated what he was told by talent. You know how talent can be… a few words taken out or put in a sentence may change the whole context so fuck off. Grow up and look at both sides to the issue of what was told correctly or not. DICK … Also… get your facts straight… Robert represents me and gets me work. I’m in CA not Vegas… hmm, looks like you’re wrong this time. He doesn’t only deal with girls in vegas. I think you’re delirious.

Wanker Wang responds to Gen Padova:Gen, obviously you don’t care about these stupid insinuations that came from Robert Ferrara’s mouth the minute he supposedly heard from Vicky. Why don’t you ask Vicky herself because all the bullshit turned out to be bullshit. Gen, I met you. I stuck up for you for the Smash shoot. But you’re a fucking pig.

And the next time someone at a studio doesn’t want to shoot you, call Robert Ferrara, tell them the producers all wanted to fuck you first, make up some bullshit, tell him they tried to rape you, but you somehow managed to escape.

Like I said before, if I were to print every fucking bullshit some whore tells me about a producer or a company, I would’ve. But I know better. WW.. Gen, my offer is still on. Let my friends piss on you for $60 and a frozen pizza. It’ll be fun. You did it for $50 at Extreme.

To which Gen Padova responds: So fucking what! I got pissed on for 50 bucks. I would have done it for free if they wanted me to do it again. it was fucking hilarious and fun all the way. I love Extreme. They’ve been really good. I haven’t had any bounced checks and received respect as a person by all the people there. They’re decent people so hell yea i’d do it again for nothing. Can’t anyone enjoy what we do on camera anymore? So it may be degrading but its not degrading to me because i like it. it just appears to be degrading.

I dont recall you sticking up for me at Smash but if you did that’s great. I can easily take care of it myself. Vegas deserves everything that’s ever happened to him. Other than that the people there are great. Say all you want, my ears are open but my acceptance in taking it for any worthiness isn’t there.

I’m sure you could be a cool person but the reputation in all the things you do pushes people away. Oh well

Sherman Way writes: “One dumb asshole” that’s being nice. Wanker, why are you being nice to this trouble making pussy. [addressing Ferrara] Look you ugly baldheaded fuck how stupid are you that you are surprised to find out that you have been lied to by a porn star. You let your stupid flag fly. Porn stars never lie. Like when they say that they will be at the shoot they booked. Or when they say that they will be there on time. Or when they say they don’t have gonorrhea. Or when they say, Daddy never molested me”. These and countless other truths told by all porn stars prove that they never lie. You moron.

Secondly you might want to consider taking your “rape” arguments to some of these feminist groups that hate porn.There you can voice your stupid take on things and you will be looked at as the true whistle blowing hero that you are. I’m sure there is a fat pig feminist that would love to hear all you have to say about “porn girls being raped”. When will you be joining in the “meat is murder campaign.” or “war is not the answer” you pussy. And while your at it why don’t you get a gun and shoot your self in the head. Do your self and the biz a favor and pull the trigger. Please realize that you are to stupid to be in this biz. You keep believing porn stars don’t lie. Don’t let your faith in porn stars falter. Stand up for what you believe in and get the fuck out of this biz. The only pussies we need are on the dumb whores we fuck.

Robert Ferrara Writes: “Wanker Wang, obviously Vicky either lied to me or it really happened the way that she told me, then she decided to stay in the biz anyway. But think about this….why would I make up such a fucked up story? What the fuck would I have to gain? Since when is it bad for an agent or manager or friend for that matter to stick up for someone? From what it sounds like, Vicky is doing more movies, good for her. I hope for some fucked up reason that she did lie to me about the whole episode. And Phil Ownensfuck…. I reaaaaalllly don’t give a fuck what you think about me in the least. I run my business with no complaints from talent or the companies that I send them to. I have no reason to “showboat”. This whole story needs to go away. Vicky is not pursueing it. So it is overwith.”

Wanker Wang adds:Robert, I’m sure you’re a good guy. I met you at Vegas and thought you were a good guy. I still think you’re a good guy. But in my mind, that doesn’t mean you’re not a fucking moron.

As an agent or a manager, you stick up for your girls when warranted. You don’t jump the gun and make a bunch of accusations implying rape unless you have the fucking facts. I’m sure I could find girls that don’t have nice things to say about you whether it be small shit – ‘he doesn’t get me work’ or even bigger things ‘he promised me work in Vegas and I left with $300’ kind of bullshit. I could blow such accusations up to monumental levels and make you look like a worthless pimp or a fucking ripoff artist.

Let me tell you something. I learned along time ago not to 100% believe what a whore tells me. It’s common sense. There are usually reasons. My guess is that Vicky did have some physical problems after her second DP in a row and, because she couldn’t shoot for scheduled scenes in Vegas, she had to make some bullshit up to calm her noshow. After talking to her, she told me everything that discounted her supposedly original accusations you either printed or concocted.

It’s a huge step from “When No Means No” and “I Was Forced” to “I never said No” and “It was uncomfortable because it was my second DP in a row”.

You’re a moron for what you printed. You’re an idiot for filling in the pieces of what she told me “Robert made up alot of what he wrote”. You’re an absolute imbecile for posting it up in the first place. I’m sure you had good intentions. But taking a whore’s word without any proof from other sources is the sign of a fucking moron.



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