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Wankus and Dale Dabone to Hash it Out

Porn Valley- The porn world can be a real small one sometimes. And Wankus discovered that last week where he ran into an old nemesis, Dale Dabone on a porn set. Wankus was making his directorial debut for DVSX,, and, as luck would have it, Dabone was scheduled for the scene Wankus was directing.

Wankus set the table for the punch line, noting that it was a gonzo scene heavy on dialogue. “It was a very exciting scene for an Asian line that they [DVSX] do,” he explained. “It was written to bring the viewer into the scene. The purpose was to put the emphasis on less fast-forwarding.” Wankus said the scene was “stacked” with people that could deliver the goods like Mika Tan. Wankus was quite effusive in his praise of Tan. “She is a knock-dead phenomenal performer,” he said.

“Probably one of the best I’ve seen on set. She is fucking incredible. She showed up- all lines memorized. Four pages of dialogue all memorized. Who shows up on porn sets for gonzo with memorized dialogue? Nobody does. But this chick was there, into it. She loved the role, was excited about it and her sex scene was even more phenomenal. She had a smile all day and always the best attitude.”

Addressing what might be the obvious question why he was blowing smoke up Tan’s ass, Wankus said he’s been on sets with fucking cunts who behave just the opposite. “Some of these fucking bitches suck dick!” he exclaimed. “And I don’t mean literally- I mean suck dick in the presentation of their own personality. They’re just hard to work with and useless.”

Wankus said KSEX’s Avena Lee was the other girl in the boy-girl-girl scene. Lee, who does the Me So Horny Show with Kaylani Lei, also did a phenomenal job, according to Wankus. Lee had to play a shy girl in the scene but isn’t too shy on the KSEX show, said Wankus. “She really had ti turn it on.” Then, intoning Dabone’s name like a church gong ringing three times, Wankus reported that Dabone was the guy in the scene. For new KSEX listeners Wankus had to explain that he and Dabone have had many “hiccups” in the past.

“I felt that he was way too cocky,” Wankus explained. “He would come into KSEX and act all cocky. I would see him at Karaoke- he was all cocky. I would tell him that he was cocky, and so I read an old news story on adultfyi where I said I would never, ever, ever have that fuckin’ asshole on my show again in my entire life.”

Wankus then explained the process of booking scenes. “All these girls have lists and we want to make sure that they can work with guys that they like to work with. Push came to shove, a lot of these guys they wanted to work with were unavailable. To be quite honest about it, Dale was a desperation choice. I don’t mean to insult him but I didn’t want to work with him because I’ve always known him as a cocky piece of shit.”

In a turn of events, Wankus reported that Dabone came on the set and there was a fun time. “I called his agent about the problems we’ve had,” Wankus said. “I guess he told Dale, look, this is business. Let’s put it together and have some fun. He came in- no attitude, ready to go, fun, great personality and did a fucking phenomenal scene.”

Wankus said he takes back his comments and will have Dabone on his show August 2nd. “We’ll hash out some of the reasons why I’ve talked shit about him. But we will get that out. I’m man enough to say, hey, we can shake hands and move on. I’m good with that.”

Wankus clued listeners to be on the look out for the scene which is shot in a lawyer’s office. However, later in the show, Wankus noted that Dabone, who was supposed to be playing a lawyer, showed up without a suit, that he forgot it.


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