WARNING: Joan Rucker Mayers and her daughter Alexandra Melody Mayers at 623 Nw 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL are next Florida mass shooters

from: http://www.pornwikileaks.com/warning-joan-rucker-mayers-and-her-daughter-aleandra-melody-mayers-at-623-nw-47th-ter-deerfield-beach-fl-are-next-florida-mass-shooters/

WARNING: Joan Rucker Mayers and her daughter that lives at 623 Nw 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL is the next mass shooter at a south Florida school! This women was school teacher that got fired because of her two fail at life piece of shit daughters. Joan married Ivan leecock Mayers which came out of the closet as a gay man and moved to Texas after having two children with Joan. He left when the two girls were very young and ruined the family.

One daughter Victoria Mayers Had a kid out of wedlock and is now a single mom. Typical negro.

Failed on American Idol and her failed audition made national TV.

Now the other sister Alexandra Melody Mayers went from failing out of porn to failing at being a hooker and being laughed at on worldwide news for being the dumbest whore in the world taking a bad check from a John and then going public about it. Then made threats to kill herself and was saved by her mother taking her in and paying her way where she sits to this day online from mamas house making thousands of criminal threats online and stalking and libeling thousands that she feels didnt fail like her.

Both Joan and Alexandra are very angry sick mentally ill dangerous individuals that need to be closely watched as they could snap any minute. Alexandra cant have children and is also a pedophile like her homosexual father Ivan. They both yell racism all the time and feel they have been wronged because they are black and love playing the race card blaming color for there many fails in life.


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