Watch This Space: Monica Foster Nude Web Shows Coming To AdultFYI.Com!

Shocking news for our readers: There will be nude Monica Foster web cam shows and some porn scenes posted right here on this very blog in the near future since she can’t leave well enough alone and stop reporting and trying to take down social media accounts. This woman keeps tweeting about having a great life and she can’t stop laughing because it’s the highlight of her life when she gets one of our throw away social media accounts suspended by left leaning, pro-black and gay, Fagafornia based web sites. Other women her age of course have no time for this and celebrate buying homes, having children, getting promoted at work and other milestones while her only milestones are getting accounts taken down. How sad.

Monica Foster NYs Eve

Since this monkey – and if she calls that term racist just look at the above photo, it’s not racist if you’re telling the truth – insists on pushing it, we will go ahead with plans to have a new feature for you here on and that is Monica Foster nude shows and scenes. We have obtained some footage of her nude web cam shows and are working to bring it to you. We can’t upload this material to one of the social media sites because it is XXX rated and of course she would just report it anyway but as soon as we have it uploaded to our site, we will have a “MonicaTube” of sorts where all 12 of her fans can come and look at her fiddle and diddle herself, free of charge and where she receives no royalties.


We really didn’t want to damage the income of an already destitute aging black woman but she has pushed us to this point and this should make a hell of a dent in her already meager income. Stay tuned.

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  1. She does all that yet she calls herself a Christian and she continues to attack other women for how they make their money with their pussys. What Foster does on webcam is ILLEGAL in the eyes of the God that she claims to follow. This proves that she’s a fake Christian.

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