We Had No Idea Monica Foster’s Life Was This Empty And Pathetic

Monica Foster

Monica Foster has done it again and gone and surprised us. This time we are in awe of what an absolute lifeless loser she is and that she has the time to report photos to Twitter and get them removed – And yes, the @Farang_AFYI Twitter is a casualty of her boredom, whining and crying and has been suspended by the left leaning, pro-homosexual site, obviously never to be reinstated again. But Ms. Foster underestimated us here and once again, kicked the bull. The bull doesn’t get mad, it just hits back harder.


@Farang_AFYI will rise again and will once again, auto-tweet everything that appears here, including the pictures and property of Ms. Foster. But the account, like all other accounts associated with this site will be set to private and Ms. Foster’s main accounts will be blocked. There is no way to block her completely when she has dozens and dozens of troll accounts and an unlimited supply of time on her hands. She called Ari Bass a loser with no life off Twitter? Even Ari leaves his house once in awhile. How does it feel to have NOWHERE to be every day, Foster? No appointments, no dates, no meetings, absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go and nothing to look forward to. Why do you continue on? Shit, even Ari has (had?) a girlfriend/wife. You can’t get anyone. Once again, this is a problem with being a 2 but thinking you’re an L.A. 9. Matt Holder was out of your league and so are 85% of gainfully employed American men. Don’t look to European men because they wouldn’t even look or talk to you much less date you.


And so post after post after post will be made here using Foster’s copyrighted material. She obviously can’t get it down from here and now that we will go private on Twitter, she won’t even know what we’re posting much less be able to report such posts over there. @Farang_AFYI had but a few hundred followers but now we will make a point to gain a minimum of 1,000 followers with the new account and all of her material will be thrown around by the new account for all to see. We will make a point to use as much of her property as possible and there is nothing she can do to stop it. This should fall under fair use but she’s such a whiny baby and Twitter is so pro-gay, black and left that she snaps her fingers and the fags in the San Francisco offices listen.

Monica Foster

See, she is having a one “woman” party while she sits in her little room because she had an account suspended while other women her age celebrate having babies, buying homes, taking vacations – and not cheesy camping trips in the mountains, trips to Europe and Asia, and the Caribbean and South America. Maybe if Foster had a passport and could travel she wouldn’t be so ignorant about other cultures. That goes for around 75% of Black Americans who think the whole world spins around themselves.


See, being the narcissistic, insecure little whore that she is, Monica would never pull all her various photos and videos off the net. She has no social outlet outside of complete strangers, mostly serial killers and low lives that haven’t been laid in awhile, contacting her and complimenting her on her heavily photo shopped pictures that are taken in ideal lighting and using layers and layers of makeup. Our associate who met her in person has exposed her for the ordinary, average, poorly dressed mouth breather that she is an no amount of photo shop can change that. Her need to parade around the net just leaves the door open to us to use the photos in humiliating articles about her. So watch out for the new Farang_AFYI account coming soon and follow KWF_PWL_WIKI which is another of our accounts that she reported but FAILED to get suspended. All accounts will be private and Foster will be blocked. But all our readers are welcome to follow. 🙂


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