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When Girls Go Bad -update

Porn Valley- I can’t say who. But there was this porn chick yesterday on Cytherea’s shoot, who’s standing in front of a microwave, waiting for a piece of pizza to warm up. And she’s waiting. And she’s waiting. Nothing’s happening. Finally someone tells her it’s a porno set, and not a real kitchen.

But Ava Ramone was real. Boy was she real, Ramone being one of the girls in the movie When Girls Go Bad which is being produced by Cytherea’s company. I’m mentioning to someone that girls usually go bad when you leave them out of the refrigerator for awhile. Though Ava Ramone seems no worse for the condition.

Ramone, whose luscious curves, wild legs and ability to smoke a cigarette and make it look truly forbidden, is working the crew into a rabies-like lather during the pretty girl stills. She’s going to pair up with Tyler Durden in the next scene, Durden deciding after all these years to drop the name Tyler Wood. Particularly after Durden found a black performer adopting the way-too-similar Tiger Wood name. According to Durden, when he first got into the business, Julian St. Jox was urging him to use Tyler Durden from the character in Fight Club, Durden figuring now is as good a time as any to do that. But Durden’s not the only one opting for re-invention and a name change from what I’m hearing.

Tony Sexton, the Aussie Impaler is now calling himself Eddie Charisma. S’truth. Apparently Sexton/Charisma moved in with Ric Masters with the stipulation that Charisma was occupying a couch in the living room to sleep on. Then Masters, from what I’m told, when he saw Charisma moving in sets of dishes and other items suggesting a longer stay which Masters had not been aware of, sort of went nuts.

The kind of nuts when your eyes trail the forbidden, cigarette-smoking form of Ava Ramone. Even Henri Pachard, who’s older than nudity and is shooting BTS, is inclined to agree. “One of the all time great bodies,” Pachard is saying of Ramone.

I’m asking Pachard, given the spanse of his career, what female performers have struck resonant chords with him. Colleen Brennan, for one he’s telling me. I ask why is that. “Because I fucked her,” Pachard chuckles. Pachard also names Nikki Sinn. “Because I fucked her,” he says. Pachard also mentions the names of Samantha Fox and Joanna Storm but for different reasons. “They gave me blow jobs,” he explains.

But the master, says Pachard is Fred Lincoln, Pachard telling me how Lincoln was always getting ass, how Lincoln would get more tail in a week then some men in their lifetimes. “Nobody could touch Fred,” says Pachard, noting that Lincoln often times had as many as five women living with him.

Dollars to doughnuts, though, Brook Lyn is a girl who hasn’t lived with Lincoln. Brook Lyn, a black-haired, goth-type, later in the day gets a big push from Guy Capo on his Tuesday night KSEX Show, Lyn, who appears in Capo’s Gothsend 3, being a guest on the show.

For the moment, though, John West’s cock is a guest in Lyn’s mouth, Lyn accommodating an incredible skull fucking from West in the first scene of the day. Not only am I hearing it, but I’m seeing living proof that Lyn got the shit beat out of her by a Dominatrix the day before. Lyn’s ass covered in bruises, appearing more like the Dominican Republic secret police had a word with her than a Dominatrix having a scene with her.

Even makeup artist Shyla Foxxx would be somewhat challenged to touch up these S&M souvenirs, you figure. Yup, you heard that right. THAT Shyla Foxxx, the former porn star, now married with a kid, Foxxx telling me that she’s been doing makeup for Playboy, that she owned a beauty parlor before becoming a porn star- Foxxx sharing a moment of porn trivia with Tyler Faith in that they were both romantically linked to boxer Vinny Pazienza.

Speaking of boxers, Brian, whose one punch may have been singularly responsible for altering Tony Sexton’s porn identity besides his nose, is directing the movie. Brian’s telling me about having this weird dream starring AVN’s Peter Warren in a car crash. So real is this dream that Cytherea calls Warren to discover that Warren had actually been a victim of a hit and run accident and had to have an emergency hip replacement as a result. I’m about to ask Brian if he had any dreams lately about Tony Sexton who is now Eddie Charisma but my attention is diverted by a rumor I’m hearing on the set that Teagan Presley and Digital Playground may be coming to a parting of the ways. Like real soon.

Noting that it was also the day for the LA mayoralty playoffs, Brian wants Henri Pachard to ask the girls probing behind the scenes questions about their voting preferences – like were they bothering to vote, like, did they even know there was an election. If he doesn’t mention it once, maybe Pachard mentions 49 times that he’s been off cigarettes that many days, now. “And his lung feels great,” laughs Brian.

Pachard’s also telling me that he’s going to attend the Hustler Hall of Fame induction Thursday night for Randy Spears and Nina Hartley, also telling me that in today’s climate a male performer is nuts if he doesn’t use Viagra, that a guy needs every edge.

Although he can’t remember her name, Brian’s telling me about some really, really hot chick that he booked for the shoot except that she apparently found a brand new boyfriend over the weekend and has made a decision to do only girl-girl. A similar decision that Cherokee has arrived it, Cherokee later doing a scene with Cytherea for this movie, as is Katrina Kraven who’s working with Dick Tracey.

Every time you look at John West it appears that he’s constructed another slab of muscle, almost to the point where you’d expect the Master Blaster, Joe Weider, to be appropriating West’s torso in the next lawsuit.

West’s also telling me about a tanning cream Pamela Peaks recommended to him called Fake Bake. West looks baked but it certainly doesn’t look fake – mentioning that it goes for something like $30 a bottle. At that price, you figure West to be wearing enough to coat a Hummer.

“No tears, no blood, I’m fine,” Brian’s explaining to West regarding what he wants in the scene which features a lot of humming on Brook Lyn’s part. “No anal,” chips in Brook. “My ass is a virgin.”

Gary, Brian’s partner is hanging around, particularly, because he’s heard a lot of pre-hype about Scott Lyons, saying that when he first saw Lyons, he’s figuring, nah, Lyons can’t be a porn performer, that Lyons looks more like a talent agent maybe strong enough to carry a cosmetic kit. Then Gary hears all the stories about Lyons’ dick being like this rocket ship coming out of his pants, Lyons’ pants being like The Johnson Space Center.

Scott and his wife Brandi are working together. They’re doing anal, but even Brandi has to admit Scott’s dick is too big for her ass. Sometimes. But today ain’t sometimes, because Scott’s got Brandi gaping enough to accommodate a voting machine. After which, Scott finds it prudent to comment on the anal scene he did with the Brandi Lyons lookalike Jamie Elle for Skeeter Kerkove

Scott’s pop wouldn’t have impressed the seminally indigent, and he explains why. Scott’s saying that with all the trips Jamie took to the shitter, Scott had to keep himself hard. By mistake he got himself off and had to do it a second time. But no one knew that.


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