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Where’s the PAW Money?

Porn Valley- I had a chat with Bill Margold about the drama involving Summer Haze, Selena Steele and Bridgette Monroe.

Haze had been tabbed as the original host of Ray Pistol’s, Legends of Porn Show this Friday at Showgirl Video in Las Vegas. But in e-mails Margold sent Haze, of which I got copies, it was apparent that Haze had stepped across the line on some issues, and so Monroe and Steele had been asked to co-host instead.

Margold was asking me if I was enjoying the spectacle from where I sat. “It’s the proverbial Tom Sawyer School of Journalism,” says Margold, “You’re letting somebody else paint your fence for awhile.” If that’s the case, Monroe and Steele have helped supply a few buckets of paint along the way.

“Selena is legendary,” concedes Margold. “Am I not to take Selena if she’s offering the opportunity to be a host of the show?” According to the tenor of Margold’s e-mails to Haze, there is also legitimate questions about the status of PAW money which Haze supposedly collected for Margold at the last East Coast Show. To date, Margold hasn’t seen the money. He was told originally by Haze that she sent him a check but Margold hasn’t seen the check.

Margold also addresses the issue in which Haze applied some verbal slams on the Internet to both Steele and Monroe- the situation which prompted Haze’s ouster as emcee of the Legends of Porn event.

Margold describes both Haze and her husband Craig Valentine as “rampantly insecure”.

“They don’t need to be- they’re pretty people but they’re never going to be superstars,” adds Margold. “She can control her own destiny but she wants to go online and say these things that are idiotic. It had gotten to the point where I was going to leave it alone. I didn’t care. But then it dawned on me that I never got the money for the East Coast Show. They were sent to take care of the booth and put on an event for PAW and I’ve never seen any money.”

Margold quotes an exchange from Haze to the effect that a check was cut from their accounting dept.:

‘I’m not sure- I’ll have to check and see the books. Can’t do that now as we’re leaving for Vegas,’ Margold quotes Haze as writing.

“Here we go,” says Margold. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I want to cease and desist and worry about the money that’s owed to PAW later because they were working under PAW’s jurisdiction, theoretically, raising money for the non-profit organization.”

On the other hand, the PAW booth in Vegas, according to Margold, is going to feature the likes of Rhonda Jo Petty, Mai Lin, Steele, Monroe and Sasha Brabuster. “Personally I just want people to come there and help raise money for PAW.” Margold’s suspicion is that the Legends show is going to be pretty dramatic. He talks about the Jim Holliday memorial wreath which will accumulate porn memorabilia and then will be brought back into town for the Holliday memorial January 20.

“We’ll continue to attach things and then I’ll take it back into Vegas next year and we’ll enshrine it,” says Margold. “I have a teddy bear that Holliday gave me that I’m giving back to the wreath because I’m not a big fan of panda bears. And this is a tiny bear that he gave me that I’ve had for years and years and years.”

Margold says he wishes Valentine and Haze well, expressing the notion that they were a couple of his cubs who fell from the tree and landed on their heads. “They need to get back up and right themselves.” Despite rumors to the contrary, Margold says he never excluded Haze and Valentine from the PAW booth in Vegas. “They had their own table- they could have set up shop. I would have liked some money donated to PAW at the end of the day.”

Neither would they have been involved in the upcoming FOXE awards, anyway, says Margold.

“Nobody ever told them they were because they wouldn’t be here. Evan Stone will be this year’s host. Because he’s so good at what he does and is fun to watch. We’ll be honoring Marilyn Chambers that night and I’d like a quality show for her to be entertained by. But the only thing they were removed from after MANY warnings was hosting Legends of Erotica. And, quite frankly, when a former inductee wants to now start hosting, why not take her up on it and have her on stage.”

Half the time, says Margold he has no idea what Haze and Valentine are trying to communicate in their e-mails to him. “I can’t understand what they’re writing about. They’re, admittedly, even gleefully want to be as illiterate as possible. But I have a real tough time with illiteracy. But that’s their style. They just want to keep cranking this stuff out because I guess it suggests that they’re over wrought. But how over wrought can you be? Then she’s saying that I’m not answering any of her questions. I don’t know what she’s talking about. But this is not what I need right now.”

I asked Margold if it was true that he was blasted out of a sound sleep the other morning around 5 am when Craig Valentine supposedly left him a psychotic phone message. “Unfortunately that upset the cats who think it’s time to eat,” says Margold. “I have to get up and go feed them. But I don’t know why he would call at that point in time which is WELL before my getting up time.”


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